Reputation Training News for September

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Training NewsIn this post, I share my latest reputation training news, activities and upcoming training dates for the rest of the year with you.

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New – Online/Digital Reputation Management

Check out my  Online Reputation Management training- the practice of shaping public perception of an organization by publishing information online in all the right places (Social Media Marketing and Networking) covering the whole spectrum of Social Media including Outbound Marketing including how to deal with Social Crisis Management.

Learn How to use Content Generation and other strategies.

Marketing Professional Services

Do you want to enhance your rainmaking capabilities? I will take my popular Marketing your Consulting Practice workshops also to Port Elizabeth, Durban and Cape Town. If you want to build your reputation as a professional thought leader and rainmaker, do not miss these events.

How to Market Training Programs, Seminars and Consulting Services

The revamped How to Market Training programs, Seminar and Consulting Services workshop took place last week. It was well received and the next one is scheduled for 16 November.

If you are interested in taking the marketing of your training practice to a new level it should not be missed, as it will give you lots of insights in planning your 2019 year.

New Course Development

I am working on a range of exciting new products, including workshops on Cyber Incident Response Planning, Transforming Organizational Culture and a number of online training courses.  Eventually I want to provide a range of on – demand professional development webinars and courses. Watch this space for exciting news.

The Institute of Internal Auditors and the Compliance Institute will review my courses for elective purposes. One of these will be an Auditing the Stakeholder Management function course, an essential after the State Capture debacle.

Client Facilitation

I now facilitate NQF approved Corporate Governance and Ethics training on behalf of the Business Optimization Training Institute. I recently worked with the Parliament of Malawi and the Mining Health & Safety Council on these issues.

My long – standing relationship (22 years) as the Lead OHASA trainer with Scott-Safe, an ISO 9000 Legal Compliance company continues.  The past month I worked with a large insurance group and a distribution company amongst others. I have always had an interest in life – safety and my involvement with them, keeps my skills current.

I completed my SAMTRAC – a NOSA Diploma in Safety Management 26 years ago,  with the Mining Engineers that orchestrated the well publicized underground mining accident rescue in Chile. This training is regarded by many as the gold standard in OHASA training.

Couple that knowledge with 6 years in the Medical Arm of the Armed Forces in the early part of my career and the 22 years of my consulting work in 17 countries (Strategic PR/Crisis/ Reputation Risk), and I believe that I have a grasp of things from various angles in a crisis and an ability to communicate the importance of Health & Safety succinctly to Management.

Prepare Your Recall Crisis Team

The cost and impact of a Recall crisis is extensive. Just study the Tiger Brands Listeria case in South Africa. This training can help to prepare your company for a recall.

Handling Crises – Training and Products

Do you know how to defend your brand and reputation in real time? Learn how to do that at my next Real-Time Crisis Management training.

If you cannot attend, consider purchasing my CRISIS MANAGER TOOLKIT. Get tips on how to plan for a crisis in advance and how to handle the reality and perceptual challenges a crisis brings.

The Toolkit now includes how to plan for and handle a social media crisis. There is a bundled special on it at the moment. Get the Crisis Planning Toolkit and all all my training materials for one inclusive price and become an in-house Crisis Leader.