Ground Rules & Guidelines for working with Stakeholders

For the past two days I ran my Stakeholder Reputation workshop.

For the final exercise I used a concept called Collective Wisdom which is an exercise where the groups have to come up with their suggested guidelines and ground rules for working with stakeholders, reflecting from their own experience.

Here is a partial list that the delegates presented at the seminar:

Ground Rules & Guidelines for working with Stakeholders


1. Ongoing customer research is vital.



1. Respect their needs especially when it comes to payment terms.

2. Be credible & ethical.


Employee Stakeholder

1. Inform them timeously.

2. Treat them with mutual respect.

3. Consult & involve them.

4.Educate & Train.


Activists & NGO’s

1. Proactively inform them.

2. Consult them.

3. Separate emotions from facts.



1. Inform & communicate with them on a regular basis.

2. Return on investment.



1. Observe Protocol.

2. Proactively engage with them timeously.

3. Monitor Policy & legislative environment.

4. Register on both the Procurement & Database for Interested parties.


Community Leaders

1. Profile them including the traditional leaders.

2. Inform & Consult.


Thought Leaders

1. Inform them and keep them in the loop.

2. Solicit their opinions.



1. Proactively inform them.

2. Research & Know your Media.

3. Be accessible 24/7.

4. Package & Present information in a user-friendly manner.

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