Stakeholder Reputation Risk Management Masterclass

The training now incorporates Stakeholder Reputation Risk Management modules.


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This two-day masterclass equips a delegate with the knowledge and skills to design a stakeholder management system and manage an intricate web of relationships with a systematic and strategic approach. It assists companies to comply with the King Code 4 on corporate governance.

Why you should attend this event

Stakeholder Management has been described as Strategic Management at its finest. This acclaimed 2 – day Masterclass provides delegates with a thorough grounding in Stakeholder & Reputation Management.

Since its inception in 2006, the Stakeholder Reputation Masterclass has received many accolades and became established as a must-attend course for stakeholder managers looking to gain best practices about stakeholder management and building company reputation.

It has been attended by more than 800 senior executives and managers from Government and Industry.

A company’s reputation is its most important asset and yet, also its biggest risk. International studies show that as much as 63% of the market value of an organization can be attributable to its reputation. Current studies by Aon and Deloitte rate Reputation Risk as the Nr. 1 risk in the world.

An Organization derives its reputation from the way its performance, actions, and behavior are perceived by stakeholders. Stakeholders’ perceptions influence stakeholder decisions and actions and are in turn influenced by the relationship building, communication, and engagement practices of an organization.

To develop and build reputational capital organizations should pay careful attention to perceptions and how they manage the relationships with their various stakeholders.

In order to effectively manage the interface between an organization and its stakeholders a number of issues have to be taken care of, including the following:

  • Stakeholder profiling – Who are our stakeholders and what do they want and need?
  • Objectives – What do we want from and need from our stakeholders?
  • What strategies do we need to put in place to satisfy these needs and wants and create long term collaborative relationships?
  • What processes do we need to put in place to enable us to execute our strategies?
  • What capabilities do we need to put in place to make these processes work?

This unique two-day program is designed to show business leaders and managers how to establish an excellent reputation with; and maintain positive, mutually beneficial relationships with stakeholders. It offers an integrated framework for managing stakeholder management relationships, as well as practical tools that can be used for developing and improving existing relationships.

The Masterclass is an amalgamation of the latest thinking derived from reputation management practices, strategic communication, community relations, marketing, stakeholder management, organizational behavior, sustainability, and corporate social investment literature.

Any organization that wants to enhance its reputation amongst its stakeholders will have to address the following strategic questions:

  • Who are our stakeholders?
  • What are our stakeholders’ stakes?
  • What opportunities and challenges do stakeholders present?
  • What is Stakeholder Reputation Risk and why does it pose such risk?
  • What economic, legal, ethical, and social responsibilities does our organization have towards our various stakeholders?
  • What strategies or actions should we take to best manage stakeholder challenges and opportunities?
  • Do you have a system for managing relationships with stakeholders?
  • How do you measure results? What metrics do you use to assess and gauge stakeholder relationships?
  • In a crisis how quickly can you communicate with your relevant stakeholders?
  • Do you know the various methods to engage with stakeholders and when not to use it?
  • Can you state how much you are spending on each stakeholder group and what your ROI is?
  • Have you developed a set of rules and practices on how best to manage the process of building stakeholder reputation with each stakeholder group?

The training provides guidance on how to develop and implement a stakeholder reputation management system, comply with Section 8 of the King Code 3 and 4 Guidelines on Corporate Governance and includes a dedicated look at communication, engagement, relationship building and reputation enhancement practices.

“Any organization that values its good name, will proactively build and manage relationships with its key stakeholders. Many believe they do, but research often shows gaps and opportunities for strengthening the ties that bind organizations and stakeholders together,” said Deon Binneman, the course facilitator. The training offers opportunities to learn how to strengthen those ties.

What You Will Learn

Day 1:

  • The Business Case for Effective Stakeholder Reputation Management and enhanced relationships;
  • The danger of Stakeholder Reputation Risk and the opportunities, pitfalls, and potential disasters in dealing with stakeholders;
  • The What, How, Why and Benefits of effective stakeholder reputation management;
  • The What, How, Why and Benefits of Stakeholder Reputation risk Mitigation;
  • Stakeholder Identification, Profiling, Mapping & Research – The identification of key stakeholders inc. how to determine which groups or persons are vital and under which circumstances;
  • Why and How to comply with the King Code 4 of Corporate Governance (Section 8) and lay the foundation for a more stakeholder inclusive approach as recommended ;
  • How to identify stakeholders’ needs, issues, and concerns inc. how to deal with the overwhelming demands and expectations of stakeholders;
  • Stakeholder assessment, measurement, and reporting including the criteria for the measurement and evaluation of success in managing reputation and relationships;
  • New stakeholder Developments – Shifts in Stakeholder Thinking (From showing me to prove it);
  • The Dynamics of Stakeholder Relationships – Why build collaborative stakeholder relationships?
  • A Guide to fostering Stakeholder Relationships – Building and Leveraging Long-term relationships.

Day 2:

  • Stakeholder prioritization – How do you decide who to favor in a crisis?
  • A Model for Corporate- Stakeholder Relations;
  • The Rules and Tools of Stakeholder engagement: What works – and how to overcome conflicting agendas and promote a consistent, open, balanced dialogue;
  • Stakeholder listening, feedback & inclusion methods inc. How to involve stakeholders in decision-making processes
  • Developing a robust Stakeholder Strategy, engagement & communications plan;
  • Managing specific stakeholders expectations and issues – Customers, Investors, Suppliers, Employees, the Media, Activists, and Governments;
  • Exploring ways to enhance relationships with various stakeholders – targeting the media (organized and unorganized), employees, customers, suppliers, government, digital communities, and activists;
  • How to embed Stakeholder & Reputation Management thinking in the culture of an organization;
  • International Stakeholder and reputation management best practices from around the Globe.

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Who should attend this Masterclass?

The training is ideal for those executives and managers responsible for managing corporate reputation and business relationships as a strategic resource.

The target audience is any business leader or manager that needs to positively influence the relationships with stakeholders. Typically this training will be of particular interest to those responsible for:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Corporate Communications & Branding
  • Public Relations & Media Relations
  • Investor and Stakeholder Relations
  • Corporate & Public Affairs
  • Marketing, Advertising & Communications
  • Organisational Development & Change Management
  • Community Relations & Customer Service
  • Marketing, Customer Service, Channel, and Supply Chain Management
  • HR & other staff experts responsible for relationship management with internal stakeholders
  • CEO’s, CFO’s, Executives, and Managers who are required to handle reputation and stakeholder matters

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If you are interested to attend, please note that places are on a first-come, first-served reserved basis as only a limited number of participants are accommodated each time. T & C’s apply.

How to Register

Please access the Training Calendar Page for alternative dates and venues.

Why Previous Attendees Highly Recommend This Masterclass

L. J. Mahlangu, Chairperson, Municipal Demarcation Board:

The two days we spent on the Stakeholder Reputation course was probably the best investment of my time I have done in many years. The course was extremely useful and the group was great. Thumbs up for the Community of Practice (Stakeholder Reputation Group on Linkedin)

Dr. Amani Saidi, National Research Foundation:

The Stakeholder Reputation course was extremely relevant to the stakeholder function, was well-structured and effectively delivered by the facilitator. The high level of people that attended, and the high level of class discussions enriched the course further, plus the course was competitively priced, such that it is greater value for money.

Col. Charles Comley, Dept of Defence (Military Researcher):

The Stakeholder Reputation Management Master Class provides “Portable skills”- skills that can be used anywhere.

Jennifer Smith, Head: CSI & Stakeholder Management at Barloworld group:

Deon, you have really contributed to Barloworld’s stakeholder policy and strategy through your courses, the CoP to which I subscribe and your lectures at GIBS on our bespoke Leadership Development Programme. I believe you are involved again this year.

Zamindlela Zama, Stakeholder Management, Corporate Affairs, Telkom:

Thank you very much Phakathi for the training you gave us.  There is training that is easily forgotten but I can assure you that what you gave us what training of a lifetime and is not limited to our work environment but will be useful for our own individual relationships with our families.

Mathebula, Juliet, Marketing, Standard Bank:

The Stakeholder Reputation Course is a must for any communications, marketing, Human resource, project manager, organizations …the list goes on and on. It really gives one an edge when put what we have learned in practice.I have applied this since coming back and I have seen an increase in my relationship with the specialists who support my projects inspired to act, I have increased my rapport with them, they are going an extra mile for me as I have focused on them not me. Some of the tools I already knew however I was not applying them intelligently. You have really opened my mind to think broadly and it reinforces better planning. It helps you to connect, create meaningful bonds as you will know what each stakeholder need to know – you share what they need to know, using the right media and at the right time. You are also able to anticipate possible areas of resistance/issues and deal them upfront.If this is the only career investment I make this year, then the money is well spent.

Warren Makgowe, Business Development Officer, UNISA Graduate School of Business Leadership:

The Stakeholder Reputation seminar was informative and empowering.

Amanda van den Berg; Department of Development Studies, School of Economics Development and Tourism, NMMU:

I found the Stakeholder Reputation Management Master Class extremely useful. I am sitting at a conference today (development studies) and they have mentioned the idea of stakeholders a number of times. Thanks so much.

Dewald Viljoen:

Thank you for an insightful and eye-opening course, it really helps me to think in a different manner about what it is I offer my clients, and how to manage those relationships. I thoroughly enjoyed my 2 days at the seminar and are already using some of the techniques that I have learned in my daily operations. To my new friends, thank you for input and insight that you brought to our discussions, it was every bit as insightful and helpful to my understanding of some of the aspect of the course.

Maphefo Anno-Frempong, CEO of TETA:

Thanks for making us reflect on the key issues of stakeholder management in the class. It was certainly valuable and spot on. I have been reading a book on the reasons CEOs fail – (they call it derailers) and stakeholder management is the make or break issue in all instances worldwide. I saw my own stakeholder engagements in a different light and I must say it has brought a difference in my own life. I experienced a positive spin-off of the workshop for TETA yesterday. Noma and I planned last year to meet with all her stakeholders as one key stakeholder was leaving us for another SETA. When we met to establish the reasons, he demonstrated the benefits for his organization that they would receive from the other SETA. So I called the key role-players in the sub-sector concerned and indicated the need for a closer partnership. We planned for meetings the first part of this year. By the time we came to your class, we had already planned to see the sub-sectors of industry captains. After attending your course, Noma and I knew we were on to groundbreaking stuff and we went to meet with the stakeholders. It was amazing how the engagement session went. Outstanding work indeed! The chairperson of the Board and owner of the company came to the meeting with the MD and all key executives and we had such a blast for the benefit of transport industry. Thank you for affirming through your course the work we do! I truly appreciate it! It is definite must for most executives.

Hilton Atkinson, Manager, External Stakeholder Relations, Corporate Affairs, Exxaro:

I found the Stakeholder Reputation Management Master Class very useful. Good to exchange ideas about the topic and important to interact with other players in the field, i.e. yourself and the peers who were on the course. I enjoyed your inputs which makes one re-assess and challenge the status quo in some areas.

Robyn-Lee Grove, Investor Relations & Corporate Marketing Manager, Communications, Afrox:

I enjoyed the Stakeholder training very much. It started me thinking about the work that I do from the perspectives of all my stakeholders.

Seija Tyrninoksa; Country Representative for South Africa; International Red Cross Federation:

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your inspiring Stakeholder Reputation course this week! The dynamism, the opportunities, the emphasis on the importance on careful research, friendly and caring approach for the care of various stakeholders – the summary of the framework you presented for addressing stakeholder management was all very relevant and confirmed my personal beliefs and practice in the past in relation to our stakeholders with whom we are working in our field.

Tshepo Mazibuko, Head: Stakeholder Relations Management, Group Corporate Affairs, Standard Bank Ltd:

Thanks, Deon! The session was superb, you were amazing & the participants were out of this world. Thank you once again for sharing with me your vast knowledge & experience in life in general & in particular, around stakeholder relations & management.

Malebo Modise, Standard Bank Corporate Affairs:

Deon’s training helped me to sharpen my own perspective on certain issues in the stakeholder management field. Just thinking………I picked up on radio news this morning that about 100m illegal cigarettes enter SA each year and the revenue loss to SARS amounts to about R1.4b per annum. You will recall that Deon gave us an exercise on this and when I heard this on radio my mind went “stakeholder map, reputation and business risk, strategic partnerships, etc….”

Shirona Patel, Communications Manager, Advancement and Partnerships Division, Wits University:

It certainly was a very fulfilling workshop where I obtained a comprehensive overview of stakeholder relations and its importance to organizations.

Fikile Kuhlase, General Manager: Transformation, The Banking Association, SA:

My thoughts on the Stakeholder Reputation Workshop: “Inspiring! What an eye-opener… stakeholder management is not the preserve of the manager in charge but rather an integrated function that all should have responsibility for, that was my feedback to our MD. Its’ strategic importance is to be elevated in organizations. Brilliant learning opportunity. Equipped me with invaluable tools! Empowered by new terminologies such as silositis, reputation drivers, stakeholder attributes, stakeholder models, universal principles of stakeholder management and the unpacking of the mission for stakeholder management etc… Loved your sense of humor, by the way, what does GUAVA stand for? I need that for new terminology acquired. Your presentation layout is superb and user-friendly. I benefited immensely.

Lulama Hlongwane, CSI Manager, Engen Oil:

I am much honored to have been a trainee in your Stakeholder Reputation Management Course and I came out enriched so much.

Thandi Mapukata, Senior Manager: Strategic Partnerships, TCTA:

You drove home the point about stakeholder profiling, varied interests and who is interested in what kind of message. Currently, we are the Government’s  preferred service provider due to our impeccable track record of Project Implementation and Liability Management.  Unfortunately, we have stayed under the radar for so long that our story is not well known. Thanks for a lovely two days – I started to rework my Stakeholder Framework on Saturday evening.  90% of the content is sourced from your handbook.  I will credit you of course.

Teboho Nkoane, Stakeholder Relationship Manager, The South African Ballet Theatre:

I really appreciated the two-day workshop and have learned a lot of skills. Now I think hard and analyze every stakeholder I come across and I know that they can change their mind at any time. I’m in the process of profiling, which is not easy but getting there bit by bit.

16 – 17 November

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