Thought Leadership Endorsements

Herman Krull, ex-Standard Bank:

“Deon is a well-known South African expert on Business and Stakeholder Reputational Risk Management. He has provided excellent consulting services on reputational risk to the Group Compliance function at The Standard Bank Group Ltd, which I previously headed. A major added-value dimension to his services is his wide knowledge of corporate management and business processes, as well as his thorough understanding of enterprise-wide risk management. I can recommend Deon’s services and expertise without any hesitation.”

Joseph George Anjilvelil- Partner, Workplace Catalysts LLP & Consultant at Harrison Assessments India:

Deon is a rare combination of interdisciplinary integration. Organization Development, Marketing, Communications and Reputation. He is adept at subtext references on Brand, Identity, Systems Thinking, Learning, Creativity, Leadership and Organisational Change. I’ve recommended his blog to my colleagues and find myself recommending his courses to them too. A Clear thinker, he teases out essence from complexity and his image as a conscious pracitioner of his art comes through with the assiduous writing and references he shares with us on the ODN listserv. Glad to know the world through Deon’s words”.

Len Rundle, Managing Director, Magwest Retail Group (Pty)Ltd :

Deon is an internationally renowned subject matter expert in the realm of Reputation Management, a man of integrity and driven by a sound value system. He is a knowledgeable speaker, prepares himself very well and never disappoints. His skill as a management trainer made him sought after to run internal training courses and established him in his chosen field of Speaker, Trainer, Coach and Subject matter Expert. I have found Deon’s pragmatic approach to business operations and the challenges faced by business, both refreshing and extremely valuable in the views I hold and in the development of my own leadership style. Recommending individuals is often fraught with risk, but I am very comfortable recommending Deon. He adds immense value and will not disappoint”.

Jonathan Bernstein, President, Bernstein Crisis Management, Inc, USA:

“I know Deon as a skilled crisis management strategist and writer whose experience clearly adds great value to the work performed for any client.”

Chesney Bradshaw, Head of Sustainability at ABB South Africa (Pty) Ltd:

“It’s amazing how Deon Binneman stays at the top of his game, year after year. After 40 years in businesses, Deon is my all-time favorite consultant and coach in South Africa. If you are in trouble, whatever the crisis, Deon will most likely be able to help you. Make sure you get hold of his cell number because you never know when you are going to need to call him”.

Makhanda Malatji:

A true measure of man is not how many sport cars he drives but how many lives he touches. You’ve touched mine and thank you very much for being alive. I will still need you for the coming 50 years and I wish you many more healthy and blessed years. Happy birthday my mentor.

Dr Mario Denton, E:,

Deon, Jy doen baie smart werk en ek volg dit oor al die jare. Ek wil kom leer by jou. Blessings daar!

Fred Nickols:

a Very thoughtful and very useful post, Deon.  I think it should be required reading for senior execs world-wide. Tell me something: Do you have a counterpart here in the U.S.?  What about Canada, Australia and the U.K.? (His response regarding my post – Being well informed and able to anticipate issues and incidents are two vital skills for any budding Reputation Manager. So is the ability to see linkages between seemingly unrelated incidents and issues. This process I call dot connecting.​ <>

Patrick A. Trottier, M.S. Emergent Organizational Development and Change(EODC), The Emergent Group Vancouver, B.C., Canada:

First, thank you Deon for answering my Stakeholder definition inquiry. I wholeheartedly agree with your definition and its context – and its challenges.  I also thank you for your excellent list of questions about stakeholder & reputation management processes in organizations. You know your stuff. Just excellent, IMHO…

Chose Choeu, Director: Corporate Affairs, Eskom:

“Deon has provided excellent service and support to our Stakeholder Management Division.” Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Bill LeGray, Re-educator and Independent Studies Consultant, USA / Re. Fresh Eyes Visioning and Strategies for Best Practices and Pathway Advice. May 18, 2009:

“I became acquainted with Deon because of general ongoing dialog, and then because of our interpersonal exchanges within the Organizational Development Network Forum. Because I’ve acquired a great deal of respect for the “focus and practices” Deon has developed- relative to the importance of one’s image (as conveyed) and organizational reputations (as believed). I feel privileged to be “connected” with Deon in LinkedIn so that we may learn more from each other. I believe Deon’s particular OD “bent” provides a rare and extremely useful talent. I can identify only a handful of OD practitioners- so organized with useful information to share, and able to quickly present valuable thoughts for addressing current matters. Deon is one of the few, and therefore a very special colleague and resource for all of us.”

Nicholas Sicora:

“Deon Binneman as I have told you countless times, I wish I lived closer to Africa as I would LOVE to attend one of your seminars. If you ever bring your training to the United States or you want to partner with my organization to deliver your training in the US. I would love that.”

Johan Kemp:

I am part of your news letter list. Love it. Been in it for must be 10 years. Always very interesting to read. Keep them coming.

Anna Sanfilippo, ATNS (Air Traffic Navigation Services) -Specialist: Online and Mobile Applications:

“ATNS engaged Deon to conduct a desk top exercise of our Crisis Communication Plan. We were pleased with the result and were able to implement Deon’s recommendations. Deon provided invaluable input into our process”.

Padraig McKeon, Managing Director, Drury Communications, Ireland:

“Deon’s continuous output as a thought leader in the field of communications and reputation management marks him out and I have regularly, even at a distance, found him to be both an insightful thinker and a great teacher.”

Eric Dom, Regional Compliance Officer (Africa), AIG South Africa & AIG Life SA:

“Deon has a substantially sound reputation in the marketplace. Services like his are always in demand. Deon has worked closely with the Institute of Risk Management South Africa and several other SA companies. I have recommended Deon’s services to University of Johannesburg (Law faculty) as well as the Compliance Institute of SA.”

Odoh Diego Okenyodo:

“You’ve been an epitome of consistency and professionalism to younger PR practitioners like us. May you keep up the good work!”

Paseka Rakosa, Manager: Communications, Marketing & Branding, Emfuleni Local Municipality:

I must admit that it is very rare to meet a person of your calibre who does not only know his subject matter but also has passion and commitment to what he does.

Joseph George – :

Deon, Do rant once in a while. I find your thinking most valuable.

Ned Barnett, Las Vegas, PR pro and founder of Barnett Marketing Communications, plus a novelist and author, and a historian (on History Channel) Pro – What do Consultants bring to the Table? I know the author, Deon Binneman – worth listening to!

Andy Russell, Nuforms Media, New York:

Excellent comments, Deon! It left me wanting to hear the next show – maybe the dissection of an actual case study would be interesting to hear next time. Keep them coming. [IMO, the other interviewee was a bit boring, but you carried the show.] (Andy is referring to a radio interview I had with John Fraser of Classic FM Business. Please listen to my Radio interview on Reputation Risk –

Matt Minahan:

Left a comment on an ODNet network update: Cool, Deon . . . You’ve said some things here that you’ve said on ODNet . . . that organizations can spend years building up a reputation, but it can take just a few seconds to lose it. And, the car guy was good, too. You sounded like a real pro. No surprise, of course, because you are! Matt”

Alan Hosking, Executive Editor, HR Future:

Nice article (referring to my article on the news that Standard Bank will review costs which will result in layoffs, and my response:  Layoffs – The Reputable Way  – practical, sensible and not aggressively attacking or defending any one group, therefore even handed and, as I’m sure you intended, a highly credible piece. Well done!

Robin Cook, Organizational Development – Subject Matter Expert, Angarai International:

“Deon has been a long time contributor to the OD Network listserve. He consistently posts some of the best content on the list – I believe that I’ve saved more of his posts than any other contributor. He is always willing to provide cogent guidance to the less experienced practitioners on the list & even one as experienced as I often finds his insight & experience enlightening.”

Ned Barnett, Owner, Barnett Marketing Communications, USA:

“Deon is not only a brilliant strategist and effective practitioner, but he is generous with his time and insights. He shares those insights about reputation management (his expertise) with a large network of appreciative PR professionals (me included). He knows his stuff, and he knows how to “translate” that knowledge so that applies in all English-speaking countries, and not just in his home of South Africa. A great and honest practitioner and a particularly good guy!

Srinivasan K, Founder / President and CEO, Prime Point Foundation and Prime Point PR (P) Ltd, India:

“I know Deon for many years as a fellow professional from South Africa. He is also the member of PR discussion groups managed by me. He is also helping me as International Editor of our corporate ezine PR-e-Sense. I have always admired his depth of knowledge on reputation management and reputation risk management. He is one of the few global professionals with deep knowledge on the domain.”

Hal Newman, Managing Editor, Big Medicine, Managing Partner, Team EMS Inc.USA:

“His ability to pull together real-world meaningful information in his newsletter ‘Powerlines’ is most excellent. If your quest involves finding wisdom on reputation protection, you need to read Powerlines.”

Cyriaque Okoumou, MTN:

“Grateful for your crucial and intensive sharing during our Corporate forum’s. Reputation it’s one of our strategic keys focus.”

Erik Bernstein, :

My name is Erik Bernstein; I am a freelance writer and SEO specialist for Bernstein Crisis Management. I wanted to do you the courtesy of informing you that we recently did a piece on your excellent Powerlines newsletter in our company blog at .