Product Recall Crisis Management

Why this training?

Product Recalls are expensive and have the potential to destroy brand reputation, trust and goodwill if not planned and executed correctly.

The South African Consumer Protection Act places onerous responsibility on companies to recall faulty products in a manner that will cause no harm to the public. This implies detailed Crisis Management & Crisis Communication protocols that incorporate best practice thinking, crisis communication & logistical management.

The challenges of dealing with a product recall are immense and resource challenging. Not only are there the challenges of dealing with the recall itself but the challenges of communicating with all stakeholders and minimizing reputational fallout are high.

The issues in dealing with a recall go back long before the actual recall event. Prior preparation, risk management, attention to quality, and communication issues need to be addressed and will be scrutinized if such a recall ever takes place.

A good example of the need for this type of awareness was the scale of the Listeria recall as well as the pilchard canning fiasco, where it was clear that the management team did not know how to rapidly respond to such an event.

Since a recall is always a possibility despite quality controls and risk management, companies are well-advised to plan to handle potential recalls well in advance, as handling product recalls professionally can go a long way to safeguard reputation.

The training addresses ethical, managerial, operational, legal, communication, and reputational challenges that may arise during and after a recall crisis.

The training includes detailed case studies that will test decision-making, communication,  organizing abilities, and ethical responsibilities.

The training ensures members understand the implications of a recall on company reputation and their roles and functions during such an event.

This training also enables participants to benchmark and provide input on their company’s strategies and operating procedures on how to recall in a manner that would be befitting of the organization’s reputation.

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Who should attend?

The training is aimed at Recall Crisis Team members and should ideally include representatives from Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Distribution, PR, Communication, Marketing, and Management.



Also, access the Training Calendar Page for new dates and potential venues.

TIME: 8.50 am to 4.00 pm CAT


The training is facilitated “live” in-house for a minimum of 5 delegates or more or virtually using Ms Teams.

Payment (Terms and Conditions apply)

  • POA.
  • GROUP OPTION: Individual pricing per delegate. For five delegates or more from the same business unit there is a group discount available.

If you’d like to register by phone or have questions regarding the programs, please contact Deon Binneman at, or call 083 425 4318.

Why Previous Attendees Highly Recommend This Workshop

Liza Maresch, AIG:

Thank you for your great Recall Crisis Management presentation on Friday, which was extremely well received by everyone.  Is it possible to get a copy of your presentation – we have quite a few brokers who have asked for it?

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