Stakeholder Reputation Consulting

Organizations derive their reputations from the way stakeholders perceive the organization and how they think, feel or act towards it. It is therefore vital that organizations interested in developing and building their reputational capital; pay careful attention to how they are perceived and; that they manage the relationships with their various stakeholders like a strategic resource.

The field of Stakeholder Management is a diverse one, one that necessitates a systemic understanding of stakeholders and their interactions with a business and the environment. It has been described as Strategic Management of the highest order.

I help management teams to understand this dynamic and provide a number of services including:

  • Stakeholder Identification & Profiling
  • Stakeholder Research
  • Stakeholder Strategy writing
  • Stakeholder Metrics
  • Strategic Advice on How to Engage with and Build Positive Relationships with a Dynamic Web of Stakeholders
  • Establishing ways and means to better engage, communicate and create a working and lasting relationships with stakeholders
  • Stakeholder Incident & issue Management
  • Helping Clients to understand the Rules of Engagement and assisting them to develop procedures and protocols on how to work strategically with Stakeholders
  • Training of those who interface and interact with Stakeholders

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