No matter what stage, industry, or topic…I speak and facilitate sessions on any aspect that can positively or negatively impact an organization’s reputation.

I am a sought-after keynote speaker, facilitator & trainer who delivers engaging, interactive, and intensely practical talks and workshops that show organizations and business leaders why reputation is their greatest asset and most dangerous risk.

My presentation style has been described as being vibrant, humor-laden, energetic, and business-focused.

My peers consider me among the most influential thought leaders on the management of corporate reputation with stakeholders and the mitigation of reputation risk. I have an ability to communicate reputation and crisis issues in language that non-experts can easily understand.

Whether it is about the value of reputation, and what damages it to how to respond to a crisis that can destroy the reputation of an institution, I stimulate audiences with my hard-hitting and entertaining messages.

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To book me for a speaking gig, email deon (at) deonbinneman.com

 My Most Requested Topics

My goal is to facilitate the outcome you want to create and build a superior reputation for both parties.

I speak on topics related to Reputation, Crisis, Stakeholder Management, Organizational Behavior and Strategic Communications. I will customize my presentations to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Here is a selection of some of my most frequently requested topics:

Reputation – Always at Risk/Reputation…Years to Build, Nano-Seconds to Destroy

An institution’s and individual’s reputation is always at risk, and if you do not believe that, just google the topic. From personal scandals to business malpractice, the list of reputation risk failures is staggering. What is Reputation, and why should you protect it all cost? This riveting presentation does not just offer a timeline of disasters but also prompts the audience to play a part in the protection of an institution’s biggest, yet most fragile asset.

It captures an audience’s attention and debate, interaction, and thought.

This presentation is ideal for sensitizing Board members, executives, and management about Reputation being a company’s most important asset and yet, most volatile and dangerous risk.

In 2017, I was one of the only four invited keynote speakers in London at BCI 2017, the world’s largest conference on Business Continuity where I keynoted and closed the conference with this presentation. In 2012 this presentation drew an audience of more than 600 delegates at the 15th Southern African Internal Audit Conference “Prepared for New Frontiers”.

Stakeholder Reputation – How to Build Relationships with a Dynamic Web of Stakeholders

An institution derives its reputation from the way it is perceived by its various stakeholders. These perceptions are influenced by the performance, behavior, and ethical decision-making in the institution. This presentation examines the interface and importance of stakeholder relationships, engagement, and communication. Here I am in action:

Trouble has struck! What Now? How to restore a Damaged Reputation

Research shows that it can take anything between 4 to 11 years to restore a damaged reputation. How do you restore your reputation? How can you fast-track your move back to the top? This presentation covers concepts and ideas that an institution or individual can use to restore a damaged reputation.

Crisis! What Crisis? (A Storm in a Teacup? Just Challenges?)

Crises have the ability to destroy relationships, impact market share and create unnecessary and unwanted expenditures beyond budgeting forecasts. Often the ability to respond in a crisis depends on the level of awareness by management to recognize symptoms and react and respond appropriately. This presentation examines the phases of a crisis and the need for a level of preparedness in an organization.

I spoke and acted too soon! (Words in a Crisis can damage)

Communicating correctly in a crisis is vital and often the most important difference between a damaging crisis and just a temporary incident. Research shows that crises will hit even the best companies. How we react and communicate is vital to creating the correct perception in stakeholders’ minds. This presentation examines the importance of correct communication response and what to say and not say in a crisis situation.

Seed planting – Why Marketing Professional Services is like Seed planting

This presentation focuses on how to market professional services in a challenging and competitive marketplace……and why your current assignments come from seeds you planted long ago, much, much more. It is an extract of the popular one day – How to Market a Consultancy Practice workshop.

What You Can Expect When Working With Me

1. I work with organizers, meetings, and other professionals to deliver the outcome they want. I have worked with a variety of organizers for the past 25 years in 17 countries and my reputation speaks for itself.

2. All my presentations are based on up-to-date research and can be tweaked to include relevant industry and organizational concerns. It is vital to provide me with the necessary information about your goals and problems so that I can weave them into my presentations and workshops.

3. I can assist sales teams with sales help in the form of knowledge and can also use my own resources such as my blog and newsletter to promote your event.

4. Due to the high number of speaking requests and my hectic travel schedule, it is advisable to contact me as early as possible. I work globally or virtually on demand.

5. Once a contract has been negotiated, I will expect a 50% upfront payment with the balance to be settled on the day of the event unless otherwise negotiated.

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Thank you. I look forward to speaking at your event and making a difference.


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