How’s your memory?

The following story has relevance for all of us who design programs and interventions of any kind.

A person in an organization went to a memory course. The week after he had taken it, he met a co-worker in a hall, who said to him, "Didn’t you go to a memory course last week?"

The graduate said "Yes, I did."

"Well," said his fellow, "how was it?"

Oh, it was wonderful," said the graduate. "They gave lots of really clever association techniques to aid our memory."

"Then you recommend it?" the co-worker inquired.

"Absolutely!" said the graduate.

"Well what was the name of it?"

The graduate paused, "A, a, what’s the name of the flower with pretty buds and long stems and thorns?" said the graduate.

"A ‘rose?’"

"Yeah, that’s right," said the graduate, turning back into his office and speaking to his secretary, "Rose, what was the name of that memory course I went to last week?"