I am proud to announce that I will facilitate a Crisis Management Workshop on the 7th November at the BCI World Conference and Exhibition in London.

All organizations, businesses and companies are at risk of a crisis situation and crises are a part of doing business. Handled well, they demonstrate to a company’s stakeholders that the business puts people before profits, truth before denial and spin. When a crisis is handled poorly, it can escalate to a point of no return.

What a company says and how it reacts and respond in a crisis will either instil confidence and trust or irreparably damage relationships and business dealings. This is key in an interconnected world, where companies have to respond to the perceptual and reality challenges that a crisis brings in real-time. A 24 hour – always-on news world.

Regardless of a businesses’ size, reputation or industry, crises cause immense pressure threatening a company’s reputation and its ability to conduct business. Being prepared is therefore a vita strategy that may help eliminate stress and chaos during a real life crisis situation and will allow the company to act and respond to deliver to their stakeholders and the media, in real- time.

The key to handling crises is to always be ready ahead of time for the storm that is always on the horizon. Professor Ian Mitroff, who for more than 20 years headed up the Institute for Crisis Management facilitated a crisis management workshop in New York about two weeks before 911 happened. Most of the executives present, represented multi-national companies. In compiling likely risks, car bombs featured at the top of the list. However no one mentioned “flying bombs”. Mitroff goes on to say that something is lacking, and that “That something is our ability to think comprehensively about crisis”.

During this, workshop key ideas will be shared that will enable you to think more comprehensively about crises and plan your real-time responses.

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Date: November 7, 2017
Time: 14.00- 14.50
Appearance: Deon Binneman facilitating a Crisis Management Workshop : Bad Things happen to Good Companies
Format: Other