Short Powerful Statements…..Makes the Best Mission Statements

Short Powerful Statements…..makes the best mission statements. Over the years I have developed a love for one-liner jokes and graffiti…..and I learnt that those statements have more power than long-winded statements.

Workers of the World Unite!



Who wrote: ‘ We shall fight them on the beaches, on the seas’….Winston Churchill

Who said – We need to obtain venture capitalist funding in order to create a system by which we can raise the competencies of our people so that one day we can invade other planets and establish our financial systems there…

In fact, No one – No it was not Goldman Sachs….

JFk just said: Let’s put a man on the moon by the Year X…

Who said: Don’t push me, Just don’t push me!

Humpty Dumpty!

Anyway, I use this as a revelation exercise to teach the importance of vision and mission statements.

Point: Short Powerful statements work: Ask the general public when they swear, HAHA. They use words that are short, powerful and gets the message across, and sometimes they can follow it up with visual media such as a finger used in a gesture format.