Using Colour in Job Advertisements

Reading the Job section of today’s Business Times I was presently surprised by the use of colour in trying to get a message across.

Of all the ads honours must go to XSTRATA COAL. Their advert is fresh and does not just position the company as possible employer, but the use of words such as balance, grow and achieve together with pictures and an explanation of the company’s operations, paints a picture that I think will attract the right caliber of staff.

From a visual identity this advert deserves its accolades.

The job ad for a General Manager states that the person will be responsible for achieving the optimum level of HSEC – Health, Safety, Environment and Community…thus the applicant should have ”a thorough understanding of complex environmental factors and know how to add value to stakeholder relationships”.

I presume.

Pity that few programs at higher educational institutions cover this in detail. REPUCOMM’s Stakeholder Reputation being an exception.