Stewart calls on Mosley to quit

Ah..Ah..! Finally a senior sports person makes a lasting and thought provoking comment.

BBC SPORT | Motorsport | Formula One | Stewart calls on Mosley to quit

The best is that it is not just Jackie Stewart but Sir Stirling Moss who said this. He said it would be difficult for Mosley to continue in his role.

“He’s done an enormous amount for motor racing around the world, not just Formula One,” the 78-year-old told the BBC. “I can understand how people feel about him, but I like Max. He’s an interesting and amusing person. Sir Stirling Moss reflects on Max Mosley’s tenure as FIA boss “However, I don’t think his position is tenable – he does not hold the stature he held before.”

Interesting isn’t it? If it was one of the FIA’s junior employees who got blamed for acting as a Nazi even if I just wore a ballerina dress…just in a passion play, what would have happened?

Court Martial? Please leave before we push you? Disciplinary hearing and off you go?

It seems as if the Executive market has a short term memory. Just a few years ago after Enron, questions were raised about the role of the CEO in governance.

I mean, does the words CEO mean?

– CEO: Chief Entertainment Officer. Someone that entertains the guests while everyone else do the work?

– Chief Embezzlement Officer? The one who knows every money market definition but cannot spell sustainability?

– Chief Ethics Officer. The one who knows every trick in the book including the local prosecutor you must phone to have the size of your speeding fine reduced.

– Chief Training Officer. The one who unlike Jack Welch, GE are just too busy to attend any training session, never mind show his face. After all an executive should know it all…. then please nail them when they trade in a close period.. they should have known…

Well, I could continue. I could mention leadership qualities, coaching abilities, …..

The point is that an organization’s reputation and that of a current CEO is intertwined. It is sometimes difficult to separate the two. This adds then to the stress levels of a leader. No longer are you separate to what you do.

Trees at the top gets the most wind and pay. Obviously this will add to your stress levels as a CEO…..

Your whole life and other aspects will be scrutinised.

I have in fact a lot of empathy and understanding for Ozzy Osbourne. He has been honest..BLUNLTY so, and no apology. He has messed up and tried to be better. By the way..tonight I phoned the member of a “leading South African metalcore and asked him for his opinion on the matter. This youngster’s words – I do not like Ozzy’s ideas about drugs, but I respect his attempt to be honest….

CEO’s – I hope you are listening?

Mugabe? Moises (Spanish Cyclist implicated  in the Barloworld saga) ? Mosley? Is it it just me or is it all about the MMM”s?