3 E’s for Building a Personal Reputation

Individuals sometimes forget that they themselves have a reputation- just like their organization.

Countless studies show that Corporate Reputation is an organization’s biggest asset , yet most dangerous risk in the marketplace.

It is no different for a person. In fact depending on your chosen career, position and stature, it becomes your stock in trade and a lever for success. For consultants and professional service providers reputation is sacrosanct.

It boils down to three crucial elements:

1. Know-how (Your intellectual capital i.e. what you know);

2. A Network of contacts (Social Capital – who you know);

3. Your Reputation (Reputational Capital – who trusts you).

The key for any person who is interested to build their own reputation is to work on these 3 elements as part of your own career development plan.

Many years ago someone shared the concept of the 3 E’s with me. I think it is a Dale Carnegie concept that I am sure you will find valuable in the building of your reputation.

The Three E’s:

The First E – Earned the right. You can only address a person or a group if you have earned your “stripes” be it through qualifications, experience, and preparation. Doing research, reading and studying your chosen field adds to this. It is about what you know.

The Second E – Be Enthusiastic. Will you buy from a salesman whose product does not generate enthusiasm in himself?

The Third E – Be Eager to share. Are you eager to share your knowledge, the gem or nugget of wisdom that you have with the person you are talking to or the audience?

In my own life experience I have found the concept of the 3 E’s incredibly helpful.

If you go to my personal profile at http://www.linkedin.com/deonbin and read the recommendations by other experts you will see how the three E’s have manifested themselves in my career and how they added to the 3 key elements of building a reputation. You will have to register, but it is for free and Linkedin is probably the world’s best known site for professional networking.