CEO’s turn to Blogging!

I just read the new blog by Bill Marriott, Chairman & CEO of Marriott International- the Marriott chain of hotels –

It is pretty darn good and an example of a blog with a personal touch. I also like Mr Marriott’s description and understanding of the need to form a dialogue – not just with top managers but with all associates, i.e. stakeholders.

He writes and I quote:"Ten years ago when my people first started talking about selling room reservations over the internet, I was a skeptic. Today is not only the biggest website in the hotel industry, it’s also our fastest growing reservations channel. I’m a convert!".

What an example of real listening! Many years ago I read a book called – Organisational Diagnosis- a Practical Approach to Company Problem Solving and Growth by Andrew O Manzini, in which the author wrote: "The solution to many organisational problems lie within the company – itself – with its own people. If you create an environment that encourages people to communicate their perceptions about problems and issues that prevent the company from being as effective as it can possibly be, and then solicit their input about what can be done, you tap a reservoir of talent that is more than adequate".

Real listening adds to the credebility of leaders and ultimately will impact on reputation as people want to work in an environment where they feel important and their ideas are cherished.

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