Social Media Predictions for 2007

Check out the predictions made by Jennifer McClure, executive director of the Society for New Communications Research, a non-profit organization dedicated to the study of new communications tools, technologies and emerging modes of communication and their effect on media, professional communications, business and society. She forecasts some really interesting developments, in the article called "Six Tips for Web-Savvy PR-and Tech Trends to watch in 2007" in the Bulldog Reporter –

One of her statements really made me think: "Pod casts, video blogs, virtual societies-these are all things to watch in 2007. But ultimately, these are tactical tools of the trade. What we need to watch for strategically this year is the blending of traditional media with citizen journalism and social media using all of these tools. This is already happening in a big way. For example, The New York Times just added Digg and other social media tools to its offerings. Time magazine added some blogs. And BBC used citizen journalism pictures in its coverage of the tsunami and London bombings. You’ll see a lot more of this in the year ahead."

In South Africa we already have citizen journalism. Look at . As I pointed out in my Powerlines newsletter Number 67 dated November 2006 in the article: "Are you managing your Cyberspace Reputation?" –  these new technologies has revolutionised the way communicators reach out to the crucial stakeholders with major repercussions. News and information is travelling in lightning speed and is easily accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device.

This raises the level of reputation risk and a company’s protection strategies can be severely tested. What are you doing to take advantage of the technologies and to protect your organisation against potential harm? Send me a mail.

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