What has a Floor and Reputation got in common?

I was paging through the JFM Africa, the Journal Of Facilities Management yesterday when I saw an advertisement that caught my attention.

This advertisement by a commercial and industrial floor cleaning equipment company (http://www.numatic.co.za/) carried such a powerful message:

Your Floor. Our Reputation. Spotless

Here is a company that understand its reputation. Companies who realizes  the value of their reputation are prepared to state it boldly upfront. Now I have never dealt with this company so I hope that their support and service backs up this claim so that perceptions meets reality.

Another organisation who cherishes their reputation is the Graduate School of Business of the University of Cape Town. If you go access their website http://www.gsb.uct.ac.za/gsbwebb/home.asp , you will see a statement: “What sets the GSB apart?”

And there as one of the four pillars is the word Reputation. Upon further exploration you will see what drives the GSB’s reputation and why it is valued so highly.

If you value your reputation, say so. In your marketing materials, through your actions and behaviours.

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