21 Years in Private Practice

I celebrated 21 years as an independent reputation management consultant, trainer and speaker on the 1st April.

In this period I worked with more than 200 organisations and had the pleasure to facilitate capacity building programs in 16 countries.

I am at your service. Check out my work on my website www.deonbinneman.com

I was quoted in an article in the Finweek mag of 23 February “How to manage your own reputation – Your Reputation is your most important asset. Don’t squander it”. It was also translated into Afrikaans in the Beeld newspaper Page 18

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Mauritius Here I Come

I will facilitate a Strategic Public Relations in the 21st Century workshop in Mauritius 20- 21 February. This will be the 16th country that I am doing consulting work in.

Live Stakeholder Reputation Management Training 1 – 2 December in Johannesburg

I will facilitate my acclaimed Stakeholder Reputation Management Master Class again from 1 – 2 December at the Hotel Apollo in Ferndale, Randburg – just around the corner from Multichoice HQ.

With the furore of the State Capture issue which revealed what happens when Power and Influence dangerously intersect and a  King Code 4 on Corporate Governance recommending becoming a stakeholder inclusive company, many organisations are revamping their stakeholder profiling and engagement practices, as they are envisaging changes in relationships, networks, contacts and stakeholder importance.

The Stakeholder Reputation Management Master Class covers stakeholder identification, profiling, mapping, prioritization, engagement and other techniques. It also helps companies to comply with the recommendations of the King Code 43 on Corporate Governance and will lay the foundation for a more stakeholder inclusive approach – one that takes into account and balances stakeholders legitimate and reasonable needs, interests and wants.

Since its inception in 2006, the Stakeholder Reputation course has received many accolades and became established as a must-attend course for stakeholder managers looking to gain best practices about stakeholder management and building company reputation. It has been attended by more than 800 senior executives and managers from Government and Industry.

The Stakeholder Management Master Class has been described as essential training for anyone in the Stakeholder & Reputation Management field and will equip a delegate with the competencies to design a Stakeholder Management system and manage an intricate web of relationships with a systematic approach.

Catch the Early Bird rate while you can!

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Powerlines Newsletter Nr. 111 is now available

My latest Powerlines newsletter Nr. 111 is now ready for your reading pleasure. Just download your free evaluation copy.

It covers articles such as a Reputation Wrap Up of latest Reputation News, the Concept of Seed Planting,  Why a Crisis always lead to another within 30 Days, Stakeholder Profiling Tips – Why Stakeholder Involvement is Context-Specific, Learning from Near-Misses,  a Toolbox Exercise – Enhancing your Institution’s Reputation & Why You need training in Crisis Management Skills



Workshop 18 March: Learn How to Market your Consulting Practice (Professional & Consulting Services) in Tough Times

Johannesburg, March 10 – International Speaker and Reputation Management Consultant Deon Binneman today announced that he will facilitate a workshop on How to Market your Consulting Practice (Professional & Consulting Services) in Tough Times on the 18th March 18 at the Hotel Apollo, 158 Bram Fischer Drive, Randburg.

With the South African economy predicted to grow at only 0.8% this year and organizations revaluing their use of outside providers, professionals like consultants have to step up their marketing to prove their worth to clients.

Rapid market changes, new business models, and changes in industry has also made marketing of services more challenging and difficult. Learning and developing new ways of getting your messages out there and attracting clients have become crucial. Disregarding these elements could negatively impact success survival with a host of problems resulting in inter alia underperformance, declining earnings, funding issues and cash-flow blockages.

The workshop which will be held on the 18th March at the Hotel Apollo, 158 Bram Fischer Drive in Randburg is aimed at all consultants – rainmakers in large consultancies, those in private practice, business development managers; professional service providers and people interested in improving their knowledge of professional consulting marketing strategies in tough economic conditions.

The Workshop will address key strategic questions that all professional services providers should be asking themselves such as :

  • How will you market your practice during the tough times? The South African economy is predicted to grow only 0.8% this year.
  • How will you stay in business when clients are revaluating their use of outside providers? Government are already putting a hold on the use of consultants.
  • How will you stand out as a leader in the midst of competitive clutter and noise out there? How will you make your practice look different and position it as the Customer’s 1st choice?
  • How will you build your business, or increase the size and profitability of your consulting practice in tough economical times?
  • How can I create a professional reputation that will give me entry and my practice and my brand instant credibility in my business area?
  • How do I become known as an expert, and as a thought leader?
  • How can I reinforce relationships with my existing clients so that they continue to use me? (Referral and continuing business)
  • What if in just three months, six months, or a year – I could see a marked growth in my consulting business?
  • What if marketing and prospecting could become a fun game rather than a laborious chore I dread?

If your answer is yes, then the Market your Consulting Practice is a must attend workshop. This workshop will give participants tools and tips that can strategically shorten the sales process and increase sales. It will help participants to systematically build their own customized marketing plan for their business practices.

Said Deon Binneman: “Most of us don’t have a system to tilt the scale in our favor. We may see our competition winning in a coveted target market when we know we are the better choice. The difference is often not in skill level or expertise or knowledge, it’s in marketing and communicating. To be recognized as a leader in your field, you’re going to have to be seen in the media, read about by your prospects, and be active on Social Media to be seen and heard by your target market. You’ll need to develop your marketing and promotional skills. Where do you begin?

The Market your Consulting Practice workshop is certainly a start and a foundation. At this workshop you will learn ways and tips to enhance your marketing efforts and shorten the success cycle.

More information on how to register is available – https://www.deonbinneman.com/marketing-a-consulting-practice/

Special – DIY Crisis Toolkit Bundle Offer Extended to 15 February

I have extended my bundled offering of the DIY Crisis Plan toolkit AND all my training documents from the Nano-Seconds Crisis Response workshop – all at the cash price of R5995 exc. VAT until the 15th February.

As a PR & Communications Manager and advisor to Management, a critical competency for you is the ability to not only plan for a crisis, but to be able to handle the reality and the perceptions created during the crisis. I also know that you are incredibly busy and not able to attend workshops and training seminars.

Those who purchase my kit will receive on top of everything the full course material of my Nano -Seconds Crisis Management workshop worth more than R7000. The toolkit consists of templates, examples of plans and guides to design Crisis Communication management plans. This one-time offer includes various templates, plan examples, guidelines and PowerPoint presentations that can be used for self-study and internal training and communication purposes.

With this purchase you will have more than enough information to get yourself up to speed, be able to write a crisis plan for your organization and develop your own competencies as a Crisis Manager.

You can read more about each of these products:

DIY Crisis Plan Toolkit

Nano-seconds Crisis Response Workshop

Pricing: ZAR 5995 exc. VAT. (Total value of package R6995 + R7995 = R14990. Total saving – R8950). There is a special pricing for international requests at $295 USD


Deon Binneman to speak at the AIG Casualty Recall Seminar in Cape Town

I will be the keynote speaker at the AIG Casualty Recall seminar to be held at Century City, Cape Town on the 29th August. The title of my presentation: “How to Plan for and Manage a Product Recall Crisis”. This is a follow-on of the successful seminars held in Johannesburg and Pretoria late last year.

Recalls are costly, time consuming and can damage reputation severely. Read this for more information.

Register for my Upcoming Reputation Management Training in Johannesburg

I’d like to invite you to attend one of my workshops that I will hold at the Protea Hotel in Midrand Johannesburg during June and July. These workshops will help you to do your reputation tasks faster and more elegantly.

On the 27th June, I will facilitate my Marketing your Consulting Practice and expertise workshop. This workshop is ideal whether you are a new consultant, a seasoned professional services provider, a business practice and/or business development manager or a junior associate hoping to become a senior partner in the business, or just interested to gain knowledge of practical do it yourself marketing techniques.

On the 1st July I will facilitate my How to Plan for and Manage a Product Recall Crisis. A Product Recall is a type of crisis that offers unique ethical, logistical, legal, communication and management decision making challenges. This information-filled one – day workshop is designed to give your organisation that professional edge when dealing with a crisis such as a product recall and will help your company to comply with the Consumer Protection Act.

And then,

From the 3rd to the 4th July I will facilitate my acclaimed Stakeholder Reputation Management Master Class. If you work in Corporate Affairs, PR, Communication and or Stakeholder Management, you will find this 2-day class worthwhile, thought-provoking and enlightening. Stakeholder Management has become crucial to Leaders and those responsible for Strategy in organisations, and is a fast growing career opportunity. Lots of studies show that the profiling and management of the stakeholder process is crucial to becoming an Admired Company.

If you act early, you can make use of the Early Bird Special available and save your company some money.

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