Resource – Movie – 10 Reasons Boards Fail

When running an organization, it’s important to have a board of directors who work well together.

Making the right decisions and knowing what to do is called good corporate governance.

This ensures the company and everyone involved is making good, honest choices in the best interests of the stakeholders.

So what makes a board of directors succeed? This animation explores the top 10 reasons why they don’t.

I use this video from Youtube in governance, risks and ethics training –

Exercise – Enhancing Your Company’s Reputation

Consider this word Enhancement. What does it really mean?

To do this we have to look at some definitions. Abraham Maslow, the psychologist who designed the hierarchy of needs also said that if the only thing you have is a hammer you tend to treat everything as if it’s a nail.

When it comes to sustaining and enhancing your company’s reputation you need to be ruthless, and you need to be clear as to how you define it in your mind.

The following exercise will help you to define how to enhance your organization’s most important asset – it’s reputation.

The word enhancement means to heighten, intensify(qualities of power and value), improve(something already of a good quality), raise, increase, augment, add to, deepen, strengthen, reinforce, sharpen, develop, amplify, expand, magnify, maximise, boost, refine, polish, upgrade and enrich.

Take each of these words/definitions and rewrite them in terms of your Reputation Management responsibility. Be clear and specific and convert each of these statements into specific tasks and action plans.

For example, “How can I maximize my organization’s reputation in the work and marketplace?” How can I reinforce the messages (verbal, nonverbal and media related) that underpins my organization’s reputation?

This exercise will enable you to have a far clearer picture of how you will approach the mammoth task of enhancing your company’s reputation.

Reputation Question to Ask at Meetings

“Here’s a question to ask at meetings: What policies, systems, procedures, rules, regulations, actions and behavior are not consistent with our desired #reputation?”

The answers will provide lots of insights about gaps and vulnerabilities and potential for improvement.