Online Training: Learn How To Mitigate Stakeholder Reputation Risk (16 – 17 August Online)

Stakeholder Reputation Risk is regarded worldwide as one of the most difficult risks to manage. Stakeholder Reputation Risk emerges when the reasonable expectations of stakeholders are not met.

To adequately understand this dynamic, delegates need a thorough grounding in understanding both Stakeholder Management and Reputation Risk Mitigation processes.

To create this training, I have combined key takeaways from my Stakeholder Reputation, Reputation Risk Management, and Crisis Management training masterclasses with the latest thinking from reputation risk management practices, strategic communication, risk management, ethics, community relations, marketing, stakeholder management, organizational behavior, sustainability, and corporate governance literature.

The online program is designed to show business leaders and managers how to establish an excellent reputation with; and maintain positive, mutually beneficial relationships with stakeholders and minimize potential risk.

An Organisation’s reputation is derived from how stakeholders perceive the organization, its communication, and behavior in the markets in which it operates. Risk emerges when these perceptions and tools do not fulfill their reasonable expectations.

In order to effectively manage the interface between an organization and its stakeholders a number of issues and topics have to be taken care of, including:

– Understanding How and Why Reputation Risk emerge;
– Understanding how to profile stakeholders i.e. Who are our stakeholders and what do they want and need?
– Being clear on what we want from and need from our stakeholders;
– Understanding the strategies that need to be in place to mitigate risk and satisfy stakeholder needs and wants and create long-term collaborative relationships;
– Understanding the processes that need to be put in place to enable the execution of strategies and minimize risk;
– An understanding of the capabilities that need to be put in place to make these processes work;
– Understanding how to mitigate both reputation erosion and reputation risk events if and when they occur.

The workshop offers an integrated framework for managing stakeholder management relationships, as well as practical tools that can be used for developing and improving existing relationships, and mitigate potential reputation risks.

It is also important to take a look at my standard Stakeholder Reputation Management Training Course‘s outline and learning agenda as I incorporate and weave most of that information into this training.

Email me for more information and a registration form.

I am quoted in the book “Crisis Counsel-Navigating Legal and Communication Conflict” by Dr Tony Jacques

I am honored to be one of the four leading global experts on crisis management; interviewed for this book.

Public Masterclass Training Postponed

Due to the uncertainty caused by the current COVID-19 crisis and the lockdown in South Africa, all public events have been postponed.

I will reschedule once clarity of the way forward has been obtained. I am also working at changing my interventions to a virtual format – more news to follow.

In the meantime, you can get access to all training materials for self-study at a discounted rate.


Registrations Are Now Open For My Crisis Management Train-the – Trainer Course

Registrations are now open for my Crisis Management Train-the – Trainer course that I will be conducting 21 – 22 February in Johannesburg.

This high-level training will be conducted as a once-off opportunity to add crisis management and training capacity to your consulting or training practice offerings.

If you are a Business Continuity specialist, Trainer in OHASA and Security Management or a skilled PR practitioner you will not want to miss this training.

This is what it entails:

  • 2 Days intensive Training in Crisis Management and Crisis Communication and required Train the Trainer techniques.
  • Be able to handle the Perceptual and Reality Aspects Of A Crisis
  • Be able to advise Management on how to act, respond and communicate in any type of crisis.
  • Be able to Design, Develop and Write a Crisis Management plan for a client

POA. It includes a copy of my Crisis Capability Toolkit( and all training materials to enable a delegate to prepare and train client crisis teams.

– Course outline:

– PLEASE NOTE : There is places for 20 delegates only. First Come, First Served.

CONTACT deonbin (AT) to reserve your space.

My Availability – Book Me Now!

I will be available for speaking, facilitation and consulting assignments until 21 December.

My services is available globally based on demand and need. I also assist online.

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New Training Dates in Johannesburg – Develop your Reputation Know-How

I have set new dates for my public training in Johannesburg.

These workshops range from How to Develop a Cyber Incident Response & Crisis Communication plan to How to Market Training Programs, Seminars and Consulting Services.

Check out the new dates, and catch the Early Bird registration pricing where you can.

Event Calendar

Hope to see you there, and share learning experiences.

Crisis Capability Toolkit – Now available for Purchase

I have combined my Crisis Toolkit and the Training Materials of the Real-Time Crisis Management course in one Capability Toolkit at one special bundled price.

The Crisis Capability Toolkit is designed to give companies and managers the edge when developing crisis plans and teams, and will increase an organization’s Crisis Readiness Capability in a World where information flows in Nanoseconds. (Wikipedia defines capability as the ability to perform actions. As it applies to crisis management, capability is the sum of capacity and ability).

Get this bundle and become an in-house Crisis Management Trainer and Leader.

  • Ever been asked to write and develop a Crisis plan or a Crisis Communication plan for your organization or a client?
  • Ever been asked to train your Crisis Team members in the Art and Science of Crisis Leadership?

Where should you start? I believe that this Capability toolkit can be very helpful.

This practical guide and toolkit can help you write your own DIY Crisis Plan for your business, and develop a crisis readiness capability in your company.

For more information, click here

For Immediate Release: Make 2018 Your Best Year Ever – Start the Year With a Brand-new Marketing Plan of Action

The international reputation management consultant Deon Binneman will facilitate a workshop called How to Market your Consulting Practice (Marketing Professional & Consulting Services) on the 19th January in JHB at the Hotel Apollo in Randburg.

The purpose of this workshop is to provide delegates with an opportunity to benchmark, tweak and add to their Marketing plan of action for 2018, so that they can start the New Year with a definite winning plan of action.

Every independent professional needs a marketing and sales plan in 2018 that constantly generates new clients and prospects. This one day workshop will provide valuable insight into building and implementing a winning program to build a client base that will exceed a delegate’s expectations. This workshop explores practical methods and tips to market a consulting practice dynamically and cost-effectively.

Delegates will gain valuable insights that will help them to establish, refine and implement effective marketing plans for their consulting and professional practices. The workshop is an opportunity for independent professionals, consultants,  business development managers and professional sales persons to deepen their learning as marketing strategists, strengthen their consultancy marketing skills and ability to be rainmakers*.

Topics that will be discussed range from how to create a lead generation system to 23 ways to build reputation, obtain visibility and exposure and becoming known as a thought leader. More information on how to register is available at:

Background Information:

Every independent professional needs a marketing and sales plan in 2018 that constantly generates new clients and prospects. This one day workshop will provide valuable insight into building and implementing a winning program to build a client base that will exceed a delegate’s expectations.

Delegates will receive tools, tips and hacks that will provide them with a menu of options to identify what is missing from their current marketing activities, and it will enable them to create their own personalized marketing plan for success.

Using detailed worksheets and exercises, delegates will be able to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of their current efforts. This powerful workshop will provide delegates with a set of options and simple, elegant and effective tactics that they can incorporate into their marketing plans.

This constantly updated and revised workshop is based on more than 25 years of international and local research amongst consultants, professional service providers, rainmakers and business development managers, and takes an in-depth look at what works and doesn’t work in professional services and consulting marketing. It includes not only a wealth of tips and hacks, but also information on how to take advantage of new developments in the online world.

Delegates will learn how to integrate online and offline marketing approaches, and will also learn how to:

  • Become Rainmakers*
  • Use social media to their advantage
  • Use Internet marketing techniques such as blogging, email campaigns, design, search engine optimization and online networking techniques
  • Become known as thought leaders and extend their influence and reputation

* The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word “Rainmaker” as a person (as a partner in a law firm for example) who brings in new business; also: a person whose influence can initiate progress or ensure success. Specialists often find in their careers that as they become associates or partners that they now also have to bring in new business. Often this transition from being a producer and a specialist to becoming a marketer and responsible for new business, influence and sales can be difficult for individuals used to traditional ways of doing things. This workshop will help a delegate to become a rainmaker, influencer and a thought leader.

Deon Binneman is an international keynote speaker, seminar leader, thought leader and management consultant on building, protecting and restoring business reputations. He has worked in 17 countries the past 21 years. Access his professional profile – or visit



I also facilitate NQF approved Corporate Governance and Ethics training

I now facilitate NQF approved Corporate Governance and Ethics training (Unit Standard 264400) on behalf of the Business Optimization Training Institute as well as a course on Business Contracts and Service Level Agreements.

In the past 3 months I worked with clients in Lesotho (the new company managing the  dot .ls standard), clients from Kenya, as well as the Development Bank and the Airports Company representing BOTI.

Check out my freelance training services.