Limited Time Offer: The How-to Write a Marketing Plan for Post COVID19 Mega Pack

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Turn Your Ideas into Actions with a Plan

How will you market your training and consulting services during and post lockdown?

Its no longer business as usual. That’s for certain.

Many consultancies are scrambling to take their training online, and most of the workforce is working remotely.

Indications show that consulting and training services will now become a hybrid model with lots of more virtual learning initiatives and less face-to-face interactions.

Old school Marketing Techniques to market and sell your training events and consulting services will no longer be sufficient; and a mix of marketing strategies will need to be used to cut through the marketing noise, competition, and hype.

Unfortunately few traditional marketing courses teach how to market and sell training and consulting services, events and products. My Marketing Consulting Practices and Training services workshops were designed to fill those gaps.

I have therefore bundled my How to Market Training and How to Market your Consulting Practice course materials into one How To Market Your Consulting and Training Services mega pack, combining all the materials I use as a facilitator, readily available to you for self-study during this lockdown period.

Working through this mega pack you will have more than enough information to write and rewrite your marketing blueprint action plan for Post – COVID19 success.

There will be plenty of ideas and tips for you to transfer to your Marketing plan so that you can hit the road running as lockdown restrictions are lifted.

This is a special offer I have never made before.

The Mega pack includes:

  • Various worksheets, articles, and research reports
  • Exercises and self-prompt questionnaires
  • Tip Sheets and Checklists on how to fill your events – online and offline and,
  • Plenty of reading materials such as access to eBooks and case studies.
  • As well as an example of a Trello marketing plan that I use in my own practice,

And, you will be able to contact me for a 30-minute Zoom/Facetime/ Teams or Skype conferencing session where you can tap my brain for more IP (intellectual capital) – hints and tips, once you have worked through the materials.

The pack will empower training practice managers and business development staff with the how-to’s to write a strategic marketing plan for their consulting/educational practices – a blueprint for how they will be marketing their businesses and their events post COVID-19 – online and offline.

And as the pack INCLUDES MY LEADER’S GUIDES you can use these learning materials to conduct internal trainings for your teams, and more!

Normally, if you registered to attend the public training, you would pay R3950 per workshop to attend, but with this LIMITED TIME OFFER, you can get it for only R2950 excl. VAT. (Or purchase the individual course guide packs at R1950 excl. VAT).

  • International purchasers can obtain the pack using PayPal, and it’s available for only 160 USD.

I am giving you this discount to ensure that you can create a marketing plan for your practice and set yourself up for success in a hostile, competitive and noisy marketing unsure world!

(And since I cannot give you the complete face-to-face training right now, you NEED all the help to equip yourself for the future)!

This offer is valid until 15 June.

If you want to purchase the program right now, JUST CLICK HERE!

I hope you take advantage of this offer to give yourself the blueprint for success!

Kind Regards, P.S Look out for my tips on how to market training services and products on Twitter. The hashtags to follow – #MTT Marketing Training Tips or Marketing a Consulting Practice #MYP