Limited Time Offer: Master Consultancy Practice Marketing With This Discounted Training Bundle

Marketing your Consulting business in the New Normal is not easy. It’s no longer business as usual.

Many training and consulting practices are struggling to survive. Many are trying to take their services online.

Indications are that the COVID19 pandemic is going to be with us for a long time to come, and what is clear is that interventions and events will have to change.

What is forecasted by many is a hybrid model of online virtual events and minimal in-person contact. Tie this in with a protracted economy and many people working from home and what is certain – It’s not going to be easy.

But when the going gets tough, the tough start marketing and this bundle can help you.

Questions that marketers therefore need to answer include:

  • How will you market and communicate what you have to offer in a world now made up of hybrid events, online platforms and minimal public contact?
  • How will you provide your professional knowledge, thought leadership and insight when customer contact is minimized?
  • How can you get your messages across and reach your target audiences with limited budgets?
  • What can you do to enhance your current marketing practices?
  • How are you going to grow your current offerings in an uncertain, very competitive and noisy post COVID-19 market?

There’s more to being a marketing expert than just logging on to a social media site every day or making sure you’re keeping a close eye on leads. True marketing experts need to fully understand their target audiences, where they congregate and how to connect with them effectively.

And with many methods and approaches to choose from, that’s no simple task. Traditional Marketing methods may no longer work, and professionals will have to understand both inbound and outbound marketing tactics to get their messages to companies and individuals.

It’s time to demystify how to market your consulting and training practice, its services and products. This discounted Mega Practice Marketing Training Bundle is here to make your task easier.

The bundle provides provide insight, hacks, and tips to design a marketing blueprint for the future success of your practice.

The Two-Course Bundle Contents

The two-course bundle lays the foundation for your understanding of marketing your business practice. The courses explain how to design and implement an effective marketing campaign to drive sales using inbound and outbound marketing concepts.

The training starts with the How To Market Your Consulting Practice course, provides even newbies with all the steps in building a consulting practice marketing plan.

The How To Market Your Consulting Practice Course walks you through the fundamentals, explaining concepts like lead generation, marketing fundamentals, and deep understanding of how to use low cost – no cost methods to draw attention to your thought leadership and offerings.

Next, the How To Market Your Training Programs and Services training provides specific insight on how to market knowledge, training products and services.

This training offers solid plans for creating an online presence on social media and reaching decision makers and prospective learners. It offers insight and tips on how to get ”bums on seats” virtually or at in-person events.

Dig into the How to Market your Training products and Services to learn how market and differentiate your training services in a world of SETAS, Online Learning and diminishing budgets.

The collection includes two slide decks completely annotated with tips and hacks, questionnaires, checklists and reading materials featuring more than 16 hours of instruction for assembling the best marketing strategies possible for a consulting practice.

You’ll complete 16 hours of training (2 days) in your own time.

The training contains the fundamentals and advanced concepts you need to build your understanding all things marketing professional services, and will give you the tools to design and implement your new Marketing blueprint.

How To Get the Bundle

Access the website for detailed information on each course. Valued at R6000, you can get this two-course collection now for R2150 excl. VAT for a limited time only. This discounted offer ends on 31st August.

Marketing does not have to be complicated. Grab this course bundle on sale today!

These materials will be beneficial to you as a business owner, business developer, independent consultant, or freelancer. Why and How?

What are the benefits of these materials?

  • You will be able to develop and write a marketing strategy for your training or consulting practice in a fraction of time without having to solicit the use of external consultants
  • You will be able to benchmark and hack your existing plans with a view to growth in an uncertain, very competitive and noisy post COVID-19 market
  • This training will equip you to become a rainmaker – someone who can bring in new business; also defined as a person whose influence can initiate progress or ensure success.

In a nutshell, the materials will help you to become a “rainmaker” and help you to market your consulting and training practice, services and expertise successfully and elegantly and with success in difficult times, helping you – saving you time and money.

(And since I cannot give you the complete face-to-face training right now, you NEED all the help to equip yourself for the future)!

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