What do I cover in Vulnerability Assessments?

Recently I launched my new combined program called the Reputation Protection & Crisis Response Master Class. As part of the identification and mitigation of risks, I spend some time especially on the identification of new risks versus weaknesses in systems. 

Simple example – Not updating your anti-virus program on your laptop leaves your system open to weakness, new risks being the latest viruses, malware and spyware. Thus traditional defence arsenal al anti-virus programs are not sufficient.

Also when I go through vulnerabilities , I discuss the following items:


Let me use an example. The Thai Government fired their Director of Emergency Operations 2 years prior to the Tsunami because he predicted because of research that there was one on the way. They and other experts said that it was only necessary to go back 50 years in history, but he believed that it takes millions of years for the earth crust to move, so he went back 200 years ago and discovered that a 109 years ago there was an earthquake 20 km NW from the epicentre that caused the Tsunami.


When we do research , we need to use internal information – knowledge management and intellectual capital, external sources including literature and action research.