Welcome to Deon’s Blog

My name is Deon Binneman and I am a speaker, trainer and consultant about the management of reputation and the mitigation of reputation risk.

My blog will explore what reputation is, how it manifests, what drives it and how it is sometimes destroyed by individuals and organisations.

I am very interested to find out how and why companies and individuals damage their carefully crafted reputations. I adopt systemic thinking to most ideas and have always had an interest in accelerated learning.

If you are interested to view my profile, access the bio link in the section About Me in the blog.

Some of my work includes helping companies to develop and implement crisis management & communication response plans.

Apart from writing, I like to listen to a variety of good music. I am always reminded of the statement:”My life is a more satisfying drama with good music playing in the background”.

I am looking forward to communicate with you and to share learnings and resources. If you wish to contact me directly, please send me an e- mail on deon.binneman at gmail.com