Deon’s Five Quick Reputation Tips

Tip 1: An organisation’s reputation is its most valuable asset. Research has proven this time and time again. So why do you not manage it like a normal company asset?

Tip 2: Reputation is an organisation’s biggest risk. Have you realised that reputation is at risk on a daily basis and should be protected at all costs?

Tip 3: Reputation is not optional. Every company, every organisation, individual has a reputation. The only option is whether to manage it or allow it to be inferred. What are you doing to manage it in your organisation?

Tip 4: Reputation is stakeholder deriven. It is based on what they see, hear, read, think or infer. Their perceptions count. When last have you measured your organisation’s reputation(or your own) amongst the organisation’s various stakeholders? Or are you suffering from “perception deficit” saying “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, we are the best company of all”. Just ask your stakeholders? Is there no room for improvement?

Tip 5: Many reputation problems cannot be prevented. Even the best prepared business under the best of circumstances may incur a crisis that could not have been avoided. BUT most reputation crises are preceded by warning tips. In most cases, crises can be prevented by identifying warning signs and fixing problems before they transform into full crisis and reputational disasters. And, if you don’t believe me – Ask Ford. Ask Firestone. Ask HP.

So what are the warning tips in your organisation? Do you know? If not, you are sitting on a potential powder keg. How prepared are you to deal with the hand of fate?