RISKWELL 2008 Conference Feedback

I just returned from Sun City, SA’s premier holiday resort where I presented a keynote on Reputation Risk; at the 2nd annual RISKWELL 2008 Conference.

This event featured a really interesting group of speakers, and attracted visitors from China, the UK as well as Sudan.

RISKWELL 2008, the International Risk and Wellness Conference and Exhibition provided latest market trends, explored case studies and provided solutions covering a wide range of topics relating to Enterprise Wide Risk Management.

For me, one of the speakers presentation – Stefan Raubenheimer’s “The Clock is ticking and few are really paying attention” really stood out, because it presented a serious business case about the dangers of global warming and climate change impact. It certainly made me realise that the time to act is now and not later about climate change.

Stefan really made the point that our children and their children will be affected by our decisions and ability or inability to act now.

Just in case, you could not attend and are interested in getting copies of the presentations, here is the link: