Fancy doing some reading on Managing Reputation?

I am often asked for a list of books to read by those wanting to learn more about managing corporate reputation.

Here are three of my favourites that I have used as guidance in my stakeholder reputation & reputation risk consulting and speaking work:


Fame & Fortune Book Picture

Companies with strong reputations are better able to attract customers, investors, and quality employees-and to survive crises that would destroy weaker firms. Fame and Fortune shows how to quantitatively measure your company’s reputation, estimate its business value, and systematically enhance it over both the short- and long-term.

This book will help you to benchmark your firm’s reputation against key rivals in six key areas, ranging from product quality to emotional appeal. In particular, it shows why reputations matter: the proof, in cold, hard cash. It offers guidance on a roadmap for building the kind of reputation you need and deserve.

This book clearly shows the powerful business value that arises from a world-class reputation.



This book presents the cutting-edge concept of Reputation Assurance, an indispensable system for measuring a company’s reputation and social accountability. Based on a global study of multinationals in North America, Europe, and Asia, Reputation Assurance is used by PricewaterhouseCoopers, the global thought leaders.

Reputation Assurance applies a framework of principles for business excellence across the company. The new paradigm ensures fair and competitive returns for shareholders, understands and meets customer expectations and guarantees, offers employees fair compensation, honesty, and openness in communication, and takes suggestions and complaints seriously.

Finally, the framework promotes corporate accountability to society as a whole by contributing to the economic power of its citizens, promoting human rights, disclosing relevant information, and respecting at all times local culture and laws. Waltzing, after all, isn’t just fancy footwork but an art. Once companies learn and practice the steps, they will find their reputations admired by all.

This book shows how managers who actively listen and are responsive to their company’s stakeholders, who monitor, verify, and report on performance, can transform powerful and feisty critics into partners, thereby protecting and enhancing their company’s reputation.”-Alice Tepper Martin, President, Council on Economic Priorities.

Performance Prism

This book by authors from the Cranfield School of Management’s Centre for Business Performance—introduces a powerful, practical ‘scorecard’ framework for measuring important relationships: with customers, investors, employees, suppliers, alliances, regulators, and communities.

It is a must read for Stakeholder Relations Managers.

I find it useful as it shows the importance and how of measurement in an increasingly complex business environment of multiple priorities and stakeholders.

The Performance Prism presents an innovative and practical solution to balancing conflicting priorities and numerous stakeholder demands. It puts key stakeholders, and managing the organisation’s relationship with each of them, centre stage with a novel framework.