One Crisis always lead to another within 30 Days


A Company who has a crisis is up to 75% more likely to experience another crisis within 30 days.


Lack of response and addressing stakeholder misperceptions can add to the woes, but more often than not, heightened scrutiny and/or inspections by the authorities tend to reveal more shortcomings. Shortcomings in strategy, processes, standards and thinking.

Incidents are not just unwanted events. They reflect lack of thinking, standards and awareness.

Here is a practical example. A U.S. meat supplier is at the center of a ballooning scandal in China and Japan, where it’s accused of providing expired chicken and beef products to fast food companies. Now, a report in the International Business Times is alleging worker and food safety violations at the company’s processing plant in Chicago.

Tip- Scenario Analysis and appropriate response strategies need to be conducted before a real crisis hits at your organization.

Sticking your head in the sand like an ostrich and pretending that it cannot happen ‘here” is a no-good strategy.

Right now the Aviation Industry has to relook and revamp their strategies as the black swans of the past few weeks have revealed shortcomings in their thinking.

I guess the late George Carlin, the comedian was right – Aviation is not as Safe as they say. Here are 2 articles that reflect this:

World unrest raises travel tension
MH17 disaster foretells a more dangerous world. Important Reading for #Crisis Managers

Also read “ A Turbulent Year for the Aviation Industry, Despite Improving Safety” by the Risk Management Monitor

Tip – Always ask “what if” type of questions. What can potentially go wrong, go wrong, go wrong! Now is the time to update your Crisis Management Plan.