Your Life can change in a Split-second!

Small hourglass Your Life can change in a Split-second!

Years ago my son came home one day with a pendulum tattooed on his forearm. When I asked him the meaning of it, he responded: ” Dad, just like Grandma taught us, life is short – I want to be reminded of that”.

Last week we as a family learnt that life can change in a split-second.

My wife was walking in her business when she tripped over a small ledge and before she could stop herself, she fell and dislocated her elbow quite badly. But it did not end there.

After emergency surgery it emerged that her blood pressure climbed alarmingly and has remained so. After a battery of blood tests she now has had to make a number of lifestyle changes. Albeit for the good.

But the fact remains. Your life can change in an instant.

How ready are you for those changes?

The events of the last two weeks have got me thinking. Maybe these questions will make you re-assess your own life.

1. How ready are you to deal with the hand of fate? How quickly can you respond to challenges like a medical emergency?

2. Have you ever considered that today can be your last day on this planet? What legacy will you be leaving?

Life is not a constant. We learnt that. Life is short. Give it your all.