Reputation Question to Ask at Meetings

“Here’s a question to ask at meetings: What policies, systems, procedures, rules, regulations, actions and behavior are not consistent with our desired #reputation?”

The answers will provide lots of insights about gaps and vulnerabilities and potential for improvement.

Incidents at Schools- Lessons and Tips for Better Recording and Reporting

Prevention should be the Name of the Game

Over the past few months I have followed articles in the newspapers about incidents at schools with interest. My take is that many School Management teams fail to understand what incidents are, how to define and track them, and why the reporting and recording of them are so vital. This blog post may shed some […]

How to Identify Sources of Reputation Risk Using a Checklist

Definitions, Examples and Application of Knowledge

With Reputation Risk inherent in just about all processes in a company, Reputation and Risk Managers sometimes find it difficult to determine where the sources of reputation risk resides. Not only can these risks be unpredictable but they are also extremely varied in nature due to the uniqueness of each company. However I would like […]