Benchmark your Human Capital Management Practices

It is time again to enter the BEST Employers South Africa survey. This annual HR research & PR project is an ideal opportunity to benchmark an organization’s human resources processes and measure reputation success.

The ability to attract and retain human capital is one of the criteria of developing a sustainable reputation. By entering this survey – now in its tenth year, an organization can find out how they rate compared to their peers and best practice in industry.

Participating in surveys can:

  • Credibly position your organization as an employer of choice
  • Show the value of HR as a strategic business driver
  • Identify gaps in an organization’s reputation building approach and assist in closing them
  • Identify international and local trends to keep your HR practices current

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As a reputation management consultant, I highly recommend this participation. Developing a reputation as an employer of choice is no light task but absolutely essential.

Best companies attract top talent. Top talent innovate better and offer more value. Ultimately the organization will develop a superior reputation. It is a relatively simple formula.

A Good example of a company that used this type of survey is the banking group ABSA. They moved their position ranking from 20th to eventually No. 1 – for 2 years in a row. They even wrote a book about it called the Employee Brand.

Sure it took a lot of investment, but why did Barclays acquire the organization? Was it because of financial fit only or because of the people element? It is well known that in any Merger and acquisition the most difficult thing is to get the people element to blend.

Was this mere coincidence?

It is your choice to participate! Not participating does come with a cost. At least consider it with an open mind.