The Broken Window Theory

An article in this morning’s Star newspaper entitled "Adopt New York Crime Solution" caught my attention.

Justin Foxton, a Durban – based businessman and founder of the Stop Crime Say Hello campaign, is a proponent of the Broken Window Theory developed by US criminologists in the 1980’s.The theory uses the analogy that if a broken window in a building is left unrepaired for an extended period of time, the rest of the windows in the building will, over time, suffer the same fate.

That theory applies to crime, in that it is perpetuated in areas where there is disorder and disrespect.

Feng Shui experts talk about the fact that clutter and broken items destroy energy and the flow of positive chi.

I guess the same applies to companies, where little things are ignored. Where near misses are ignored and small fires not seen as indicative of bigger problems lurking in the wing.

Where issues are seen as trivial.

Are there broken windows in your organization? Do you let the little things slide in your department?

Take a look at your windows! Maybe they need repair or cleaning!