Want to learn more about Stakeholders?

Want to learn more about Stakeholder Reputation Management? Then start to use your eyes and a scissors! What do I mean?

The Afrikaans newspaper, the Beeld today ran an an article called ‘Zuma bekoor Afrikaners’. On the right side of Mr Zuma’s face there is a block that contains a list of all the stakeholders that attended the meeting, as follows:

  • AfriForum
  • ATKV
  • Afrikanerbond
  • AgriSA
  • Boerevolk Verteenwoordigende Raad
  • Dameskring
  • Dames Aktueel,
  • FAK
  • Jong Dames Dinamiek
  • Gereformeerde Kerk
  • Landbouskrywersvereniging
  • kykNET
  • NG kerk
  • Orania beweging
  • Praag
  • Rapportryers
  • TLU SA
  • Solidariteit
  • Die Suid- Afrikaanse Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns en die
  • Voortrekkers


Some of these stakeholders might one day feature in your planning. Have you done research about them? Do you know what these groups expectations and issues are that might impact on your organization and its reputation?

Time to get going! Do you know why this type of R & D is important?

Next time you read an article, think about the people and groups mentioned. Should they be on my list of contacts? Should I engage them? Should I inform them about my existence?

Salespeople call this identifying contacts, but from a Stakeholder Management perspective, it is a vital exercise.