Understanding your Company’s Vision


Three men were working. Each one was busy with a trowel, cement and bricks.

A passer-by went up to the first one, who looked very bored, and asked him what he was doing.

" I’m laying bricks", he said sullenly. The passer-by then asked the second man, who looked somewhat more enthusiastic, the same question: "I’m building a church", he replied. Asking the same question to the third man who was whistling while he was working, the passer-by was astounded when he replied: " I am building a cathedral".

What are you building? Why do you work for your company? What is the underlying reason your firm is operational?

We all need a purpose, a vision, a mission – call it what you like – to motivate us to action.

A vision is a rallying cry. It is a short, powerful statement. It empowers people and makes them believe that they can do.

Think about the following:

– We will overcome!

– Workers of the world unite!

– Viva! Amandla!

What is your company’s vision? Is it a rallying cry?

Or is it like one of those typical long-winded corporate statements on the walls in reception areas.

Are you living that vision?