The Truth (A Lesson in Communication)

There was a security guard who continued to be deployed for 3 years in the same establishment.. One night he got drunk. This was the first time it ever happened.. The duty manager recorded it in the log book;’The security guard was drunk tonight’.

The guard read it and he knew this comment would affect his career, so he went to the duty manager, apologized and asked the manager to add that it only happened once in 3 years which was the complete truth.

The manager refused and said, :what I have written here is the truth.

The next day it was the guard’s turn to to fill in the log. He wrote, ‘The duty manager was sober tonight".

The manager read the entry and asked the guard to change or add to it explaining the complete truth because this implied that the manager was drunk every other night.

The guard told the manager that what he had written in the log was the truth.

Both statements were true but they conveyed misleading messages.