The Beauty of Roaming Airport Bookstores

I have always had this habit of roaming bookstores looking out for gems – books for my collection. And occasionally I have found something worthwhile.

Yesterday was no exception. Whilst at OR Tambo airport in Johannesburg, I was roaming one of the bookstores when I saw a really interesting little book with punchy advice regarding Social Media.

Check it out – so far well worth the purchase: Sonic Boom – How to Master Business Social Media by Jeffrey G Itomer.

I already found items in the book I should IMPLEMENT.

Quote – “SOCIAL MEDIA IS THE NEW COLD CALL.”—Jeffrey Gitomer

“What’s your company’s social media policy? Probably shortsighted. Business social media, or social networking, has become more than a global phenomenon. When combined with your online presence and online outreach,it’s a global business phenomenon and a revenue generating phenomenon.”

Looks like an interesting and practical read…..