Formalising Stakeholder Relationship Management in an Organization

I recently had an interesting conversation with a manager that had been tasked to formalise stakeholder management in his organisation (a Bank). Without being able to do an in depth analysis of the specifics and needs of the bank, I summarised his basic needs as: 1. There is a need to start a strategic conversation […]

Powerlines Number 90 – The newsletter for Reputation & Stakeholder Managers available for download

The 90th edition of Powerlines is now available for download. This newsletter aims to provide you with timely, accurate and useful information to help you build, sustain and protect your organisation’s reputation. Powerlines currently serves more than 8500 international and local readers! It is an opt-in newsletter list and comes at one cost – the […]

No organization can state that they have no stakeholders!

Last week I sent out my Powerlines newsletter Number 90 – a newsletter for Reputation Managers and those involved in stakeholder management. Like any newsletter it always gets its own fair amount of subscriptions and unsubscriptions. However what got me this time was an e-mail from someone that stated the following:’’Your newsletter would be inappropriate […]