Powerlines Number 90 – The newsletter for Reputation & Stakeholder Managers available for download

The 90th edition of Powerlines is now available for download. This newsletter aims to provide you with timely, accurate and useful information to help you build, sustain and protect your organisation’s reputation.

Powerlines currently serves more than 8500 international and local readers! It is an opt-in newsletter list and comes at one cost – the time to read and share it! Please feel free to forward it to someone that may benefit from the content.

In this Issue

  1. Quotes & Thoughts – Alltop
  2. What Type of Reputation Management Consultant are you?
  3. How to Write and Implement a Media Policy
  4. The Implications of the King Code 3 on Stakeholder Management
  5. What is the Definition of Effective Risk Management?
  6. Manage your Stakeholders…Manage your Reputation Event invitation
  7. The Meanings of Words are in People’s Heads and not in the Words they use
  8. Develop a Breakthrough Marketing Action Plan for 2010
  9. I want to speak at your next event!
  10. Introducing REPUCOMM – The Reputation Management Training Specialists

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