Social Media needs to form an integral part of your Engagement Plan

Like many others, I have slowly getting to date with my reading workload. One of the blogs that appears on my want to read list is Shel Holtz’s A Shel of my Formal Self.

For those of you who do not know who he is, go to:

In September last year he blogged about research that was conducted by the Aberdeen Group that shows that those companies who outperform others, all tended to have better and more effective social media engagement strategies.

He started his blog post with: ”The value of enabling social media for employees, both inside and outside the firewall, keeps getting reinforced by study after study, yet organizations continue to block access to external sources while resisting internal implementation citing excuses ranging from bandwidth and storage limitations to fears of diminished worker productivity”

Does this sound familiar? All the excuses and reasons?

The gist of this article and it is well worth reading, is the impact that social media can have –  even if management thinks being on Facebook is goofing off, it may have real value.

The value of social media in recruiting, learning and development and organizational development has become very apparent, useful and undeniable. The mere fact that Aberdeen joins companies like McKinsey, Gartner, and Forrester in endorsing social media tools as drivers of business improvement can only help those trying to make the case for internal social media with those inclined to resist it.