“Sharpen your Saw – Enhance your Own Reputation with Knowledge”


Here are the dates for the next two months for my public training taking place in Johannesburg, South Africa.

If you want to enhance your own reputation and equip yourself with relevant competencies (knowledge, attitudes and skills) these training’s will interest you.

As the late Stephen Covey referred to in his seminal work – The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – “You must keep your saw sharpened”.

Marketing a Consulting Practice 

12 February 2016 

This workshop is especially for professional services providers, specialists, consultants and business development managers of consulting practices that want to take their practices to another level.

Stakeholder Reputation Management Master Class 

February 22 – 23 

This highly acclaimed 2-day training seminar explores Stakeholder Management and its impact on Corporate Reputation. It takes an in-depth view of stakeholder engagement, communication and building relationships with a dynamic range of stakeholders and has been attended by many South African executives and leaders since 2005.

Reputation Risk Management Master Class

10 – 11 March 2016 

With Reputation Risk now seen as the Nr. 1 Risk in the world, these 2 days explore How to Manage and Mitigate this risk.

Product Recall Crisis Management 

26 February 2016 

This information-filled one – day workshop is designed to give your organization that professional edge when dealing with a crisis such as a product recall and will enable a delegate to plan for a recall.

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