Save a Tree!

A while ago I was so impressed when I got an e-mail from a colleague that had a message at the bottom – Think before your print this , you might be able to save a tree.

Now I just came across another campaign – one that is so simple, yet profound. Change the margins is such a small idea – I mean just 2 cm or half an inch depending on what system you are on. All it involves is changing your margins on a Word document.

Now it seems a small and trivial idea, but think of it. If everyone did it, we could save a lot of paper and acres of forests. So Specifically, Change the Margins is campaigning for individuals, companies, and universities to reduce standard paper margins to 0.75 inch or approx. 2 cm. (The default margin on a Microsoft Word document is 1.25 inches.) The idea began when the campaign’s founder reduced her own margins to save money on paper. Implemented on a much larger scale, this simple step could make a big impact on paper usage over time, especially if large corporations and universities sign on.

Here’s how to change your margins in Microsoft Word: Go to File and click on Page Setup. Using the arrows, decrease top, bottom, and side margins to .75”. Click “Default.” Click “yes” to make these your standard margin settings.

That is what it takes  – No Einstein Theory of Relativity but just a small idea – an inch! What can you do to make a difference?

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