Results change when we change

Results change when we change.

We experts are always debating change – large systems scale change, etc. But let’s narrow it down to the jugular. If it is going to be, it is up to me!

It is when individuals start to take responsibility that real change occurs. Look at Mandela, Ghandi, etc.

We advise, we consult, we conjure! But is when a person says so far and no more.

We have CRM systems in companies, we have large systems, and yet research will tell us that people want to be acknowledged as individuals. The lessons are paramount. We need to ensure that all our change programs touch the individual.

So , what can we do? Plenty! If we see a truck in front of our car that is smoking badly, why do we not take a photograph, write about it to the company or even write on our blogs about it.

In the picture below this baby is pointing at the Baby Food Manufacturers saying: ‘’Don’t think you can just put G.M. food into my baby milk powder. I will hold you accountable”


rudebabyHe is making a difference.

Why do we wait for others? The era of citizen journalism have arrived. In South Africa they even pay citizens for that type of information.