Reputation Counts! Even in a Hostage Situation

To me some of  words are nothing other than doublespeak – the art of non communication or language that appears to communicate but fails to do so because the communicator is attempting to obstruct the truth.

Paul Hellman writes in an article called Words and Things in the AMA journal of 1995 the following statement about the word "World -class". He writes about reading about a bunch of terrorists being described as world-class in a newspaper.

He asks the question : " Does it really matter?

Terrorist: Get in the van. We’re taking you hostage.

Hostage: Not so fast. I need to know whom I’m dealing with.

Terrorist: Don’t insult us. We’re an extremely reputable group of fanatics.

Hostage: I’m afraid " reputable" isn’t good enough. Kidnap me in a few years when you’re world -class.

Now that is a debunk of the word ‘World Class’ in my opinion.