Now’s the time to Review Stakeholder Relationships

What a time to be sending out my newsletter! Yes, just after SA’s election day.

Why today? Well I think that the message to you, has to be, that it will be vital in the oncoming weeks to ascertain who of your contacts and stakeholders are still in power or are still covering the same portfolios.

Now will be the time to redo stakeholder profiling of political parties and the government stakeholder. Perhaps you made friends and built relationships in the past with contacts that will now find themselves in the same position as a minister with no portfolio. Perhaps the persons you ostracized in the past is now in a power role.

One of the biggest lessons to learn in stakeholder reputation management is that every time there is a new issue, new project or new campaign, it is vital that you redo stakeholder profiling. People’s roles and positions, views and perspectives can change overnight.

The lesson is that constant monitoring and management of relationship building efforts is an ongoing affair and not a once-off. (To learn more about this, consider attending the next Stakeholder Reputation Master Class)