New Training Offering: Online Reputation Management (Social Media Marketing) Training

Learn How To Manage Your Online Reputation & Social Media Marketing

Deon Binneman, the Reputation Go-to Guy has added Online Reputation Management Training (Social Media Marketing Training) to his list of training offerings.

Said Deon: ” I certainly learned a lot immersing myself into this field, equipping myself with Social Media Marketing and Online Reputation Management skills and know-how since last year. I learnt a lot about content generation, inbound marketing and the techniques of ORM (Online Reputation Management) – the practice of shaping public perception of an organization by publishing information online in all the right places”.

This training will provide a deep dive into Social Media, Social Media Marketing and Networking and its impact on  the role of the Reputation, PR, Communications and Marketing practitioner in guiding, shaping and protecting the company’s reputation and optimizing marketing efforts.

Delegates will get a thorough understanding of the basics of how to increase their company’s social media reach, attracting clients and increasing sales and enhancing reputation.

Practitioners also need to understand the Reputation Risk dangers inherent in Social Media. The velocity with which messages flow in a “real-time” 24 hours always on news world; often catches companies by surprise. Understanding and mastering Social Media tools and techniques is crucial in this regard.

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