New MediaMetricsTM results introduced

Friday, 06 November 2009 07:50

On 30 October 2008 Vision Africa, a full-service marketing and stakeholder research company held a breakfast for media agencies and selected corporate companies to present the results of the 2009 MediaMetricsTM, a product of Vision Africa in Windhoek, Namibia.

At the occasion, Cornelius D’Alton briefly gave a short history of the company as it is celebrating its 10th year of existence, while Liza Burmeister, Accounts Director elaborated on some of the findings of the MediaMetricsTM study.

As a first, Vision Africa also invited Deon Binneman, owner of RepuComm, an independent consultant on reputational management, public relations and corporate communication and organisational development to address those present on “What is Reputation?”.
MediaMetricsTM has been developed to provide large and medium size organisations with affordable, reliable and accurate information about their target audiences’ viewing, listening and reading habits and preferences, as well as other measurements related to brand awareness and communication.

The socio-demographic and media consumption database forms the core of the study, including components such as Demographics and Media Consumption (Radio, TV & Printed media).  More emphasis was placed on obtaining TV viewing information as this is a growing marketing medium in Namibia.

Says Liza: “Some of the findings which were shared with invited guests included results such as, that NBC Oshiwambo Radio Service was the most listened to radio station in Namibia; ‘All about Camilla’ was the most favourite programme on NBC Television.  The Namibian newspaper remained the most often read newspaper and was seen as ‘the voice of the people’. When asked about truly Namibian brands, Namibia Breweries came to mind most often, while First National Bank was the most often mentioned Namibian bank. Soccer was the most attended sport followed by Netball.  The favourite music included Kwaito, Gospel, Soft and Traditional music.”

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