My Stakeholder Reputation Group on Linkedin


I started a Stakeholder Reputation group on LinkedIn last year, aimed at anyone that is working in and grappling with Stakeholder Management & Reputation related issues.

To date there are 345 members (and growing) which includes a number of senior communication and local and international consultants that I have come across.

The collective experience and expertise that resides within the group will enable any organisation to develop and execute a successful stakeholder engagement and reputation management strategy.

The primary aim of the group is to encourage the sharing of information amongst members such as the introduction of new ideas, concepts and tools, sharing personal experiences of things that work or do not work, overcoming resistance to stakeholder relationships in the market and within companies and asking for assistance for problems being experienced.

If you are interested in learning more about Stakeholder & Reputation Management and where it is going, I encourage you to join our group, participate and share. Here is the group link – to join.

Recently, I received a notification from Linkedin that I was one of LinkedIn’s first 100,000 members (member number 28959 in fact!*). In any technology adoption lifecycle, there are the innovators; those who help lead the way. That was me.

More than 100 million professionals have joined that site. If you are not on Linkedin, you are doing yourself a disservice. LinkedIn is changing the lives of millions of members by helping them connect with others, find jobs, get insights, start a business, and much more.