Light Me A Roach – One Thing Leads To Another

This story was shared with me many years ago but I think it is still relevant for today. It comes to me from the lovely city of Tel AVIV.

An encounter with a cockroach has resulted in burns, two broken ribs and a broken pelvis for a Givatayim resident .

The incident occurred after the man’s wife found a cockroach in the living room. The frightened woman stepped on the Insect and threw it in the toilet.

But the roach refused to die- So the woman sprayed It with a whole can of insecticide.

Some minutes later her husband came home from work and went to the toilet, where he lit a cigarette. When he threw the butt into the bowl, it ignited the Insecticide fumes seriously burning his sensitive parts.

An ambulance was rushed to the apartment on Rehov Hahistadrut. As paramedics carried the injured man on a stretcher down the stairs, they asked him what had happened.

When he told them, they began to laugh uncontrollably and dropped the stretcher, causing the man further injuries.

He was taken to Sheba Hospital In Tel Hashomer.