Lies, Lies…..Impact!

j0438805 How naive some people can be!

Do they really think that in today’s age, lies will not have an impact?

The pathetic handling of the Caster Semenya’s case by the ASA (Athletics SA) is now having a ripple effect.

Leonard Chuene, the president of ASA, has admitted he lied about knowing of the IAAF’s request for tests as well as tests done in South Africa on Semenya before the event.

Worse of all, the ASA council on Thursday decided Chuene could keep his post even after the Department of Sports and Recreation said he should be fired. So by implication, they condone lies.

Is this a case of Medals before truth?

Well, it does not matter what they say or decided. ASA’s reputation is in tatters.

The Business Report today ran an article with the Headline: ‘’Nedbank pulls out as sponsor of ASA events’’

Nedbank, the biggest backer of road-running events for ASA, said sponsorship negotiations this year would take into account the sports body’s handling of Caster’s sex tests. Nedbank has decided to terminate its sponsorship a year earlier due to logistical reasons…….

Obviously the lies and handling of this case, has speeded up the decision process. Nedbank currently is leveraging its approach to sustainability being carbon- free and cannot afford to get their reputation tarnished by standing up for a lie.

It is my professional opinion that many leaders do not understand the ramifications of small actions on their and their organisation’s reputations. Obviously leaders are not being sensitised to the dangers of reputation risk. They do not understand it and think that they can get away with so-called white lies.

The danger is that cracks even when glued up will show up for years.