Green! Green! Issues are Green!

If you believed that green was not the in-thing then think again. The plethora of studies and articles certainly point out that your organization’s reputation will be at risk unless it pays close governance to matters relating to safety, health and the environment, especially in the supply chain.

Two stories caught my attention in particular and they are worthwhile taking a look at.

  • Greenpeace Releases Supermarket Seafood Sustainability Scorecard

Despite numerous warnings about the crisis of unsustainable seafood, leading US supermarkets are still failing to raise their standards. According to the Greenpeace seafood sustainability scorecard, released today, only Whole Foods, Ahold USA, Target, and Harris Teeter have acceptable seafood practices.

The leading 20 supermarket chains continue to stock endangered seafood such as orange roughy, swordfish, and Chilean sea bass. 

None of the companies examined in the survey guarantee that they won’t sell seafood from fisheries that harm sea turtles, dolphins, seals, sea lions, and other marine mammals.

If we aren’t careful, the luxury of having a variety of seafood to choose from at the supermarket may be a thing of the past.

  • Time Magazine’s Picks for Top Green Stories of 2008

The election of Barack Obama, the passage of renewable energy credits by Congress and the offshore drilling debate made the list of Time magazine’s Top 10 Green Stories of the year.

The stories ranked first, second and third respectively.

The other top green stories in descending order are:

4. The failure of the Warner-Lieberman national carbon cap-and-trade legislation

5. New rules that put a freeze on development of new coal plants

6. The ethanol bubble bursts

7. Polar bears listed as “threatened” under the Endangered Species Act

8. Indonesia warms to avoiding deforestation

9. The first C02 auction

10. Word of the year: “hypermiling” — that’s squeezing every last mile out your tank by making adjustments to the car (like keeping the tires properly inflated) and making adjustments to driving habits and techniques.

What is your organisation doing about greening the environment? Are you a leader or just a follower?

Have you communicated your efforts? Do not wait until it is too late. Make a splash! Show your stakeholders your efforts!