Empowerment Credentials aids Reputation

An article in the South African Star newspaper yesterday caught my attention. The article”High Empowerdex rating helps Schindler win government tender” illustrates how adhering to current business practices can aid an organisation’s reputation, especially when business decisions are made.

The article states that Schindler was awarded a R40 million lift servicing contract in an open tender by government due to its strong empowerment credentials (Schindler has an A rating from Empowerdex, the ecnomic empowerment rating agency). It also mentions the fact that Schindler has a high rating from the CIDB (The Construction Industry’s Development Board).

Crucial to them being awarded the tender; was the fact that a large portion of the work will be outsourced to emerging suppliers, accompanied by skills transfer.

It is clear that this company scans the environment and has its finger on the pulse when it comes to topical Corporate Social Responsibility issues. Organisations that want to build a superior reputation in the South African marketplace need to pay attention to:

1. Their empowerment credentials and how and when they use these credentials in their communication efforts.

2. Corporate Social Responsible indicators. Studying the international and local environment is crucial in this regard and some organisations embrace both international and local codes putting real meaning to the words “Think Global, Act local”.

This is just another example of how crucial an organisation’s reputation is when it comes to making important decisions. Relate this back to a personal level. When you decide to join an organisation, what criteria do you use to make your decision? To what extent do you rely on references from others, on what you have read, seen or heard about an organisation?

How much of this information do you consciously think about? How much of this information is in your subconscious, influencing your decisionmaking?

I have heard a recruiter say that awards even at school level (such as becoming a prefect) do count in a candidate’s favor, BECAUSE they are indicators for future success. An Organisation’s reputation will feature when important business decisions are taken because it creates expectations for future success.

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